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MY Why

The Story Behind Why I Do this…

Welcome! If you are here it is likely because you are curious about me and my motivations for specializing in boudoir and intimate portraiture. I aim to help clear that up for you.

Why I Shoot Boudoir - Boudoir Photography Portland

Of all the reasons that I have chosen to specialize my photography with boudoir and intimate portraiture, foremost is counteracting the social stigmas that women deal with your entire lives. Society encourages feelings of not being enough; not feeling enough, and feeling ashamed of your sexuality. I want you to feel empowered by your bodies and your sexuality, and my way of helping is by capturing it in my images for you to see for yourself.

The human form is a beautiful thing; beauty and sexiness are subjective, and sexuality is normal. My goal with my boudoir and intimate portraits is to work with you on an intimate level to create images that capture your own unique beauty, highlight your best features and give you a platform by which to express and own your sexuality.

Why I Shoot Boudoir - Boudoir Photography Portland

Seeing women come into my studio with such low opinions of themselves, and then leaving with a new light and new belief in their beauty, sexiness, and confidence – this transformation is what I aim to make possible to all of my clients. My hope is that you will not just leave a happy client, but more so a happy friend.

You may see the saying ‘Find your sexy’ around my site or on my social accounts a lot. This is the essence of my work, to help you see yourself as the beautiful sexy badass that you are. I feel like a lot of boudoir photographers have begun to focus exclusively on the body positive aspect of the boudoir, with bright and fun images that are undeniably pretty – but that lack, in my opinion, the sex and sexiness that I feel like boudoir should also express.

So, I am here to provide you with a body positive and sex positive experience that is custom tailored to your own personal comfort level and boundaries – be that boudoir or erotica or whatever else you want to call it. I am all about empowerment, for both your body and your sexuality. You should feel great in your own skin and you should be able to express your sexuality, and I aim to help you with both.  

Stop hesitating and contact me today, I would absolutely love to speak with you and talk about what you are looking for out of your boudoir session!