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If there is one thing about the fall and the coming of winter that this Portland boudoir photographer loves every year it is his annual trip to the Big Apple, New York City. Winter just isn’t the same in the PNW, and having grown up in Western NY, when I think of winter I think […]
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I always love driving up to Seattle to shoot, and this session with Kaylee (our second) was no exception. The house we had the opportunity to shoot in was incredible, and Kaylee was absolute FIRE. She was getting ready to celebrate her birthday and she could think of no better way to mark the occasion […]
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Wow, I can’t believe that I never shared the images from this shoot with you all. I was going back through my images from the last several months and I realized that I never blogged about this killer session with Caity! I had shared some of the images on social and in various post around […]
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October has been a busy month and we are only a week in at this point – and for me it doesn’t shot any signs of slowing down at all. But I absolutely had to jump on here to share this session with Rebecca which has been sitting and ready to share for a few […]

What Is Sex Positive Intimate Portraiture?

If you are following my social media accounts then you have most likely noticed that I recently added the term ‘sex positive intimate portraiture’ to a lot of my descriptions and branding. I wanted to just take a little bit of time in this post to explain that and the reason behind it. First off, […]
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It’s taken me WAY longer to get this up than I was planning, but I had such a blast on this session with Elizabeth that I absolutely had to get it up here. I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth while I was in Atlanta for my UnCovered Workshop last month, in fact she […]
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While I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with some absolutely lovely and gorgeous women. The first of which that I will be sharing today is the lovely Mary. You see, her husband and the two of us have been trying to get together for over 2 years […]
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Stretch! Boudoir Is A Bigger Workout Than You Think

Why would you need to stretch before a photoshoot? Especially a boudoir shoot, you are just going to be laying around on a bed in your underwear, right? Wrong. You would be surprised at how many messages I get the next day, sometimes even days later about clients being sore from the posing that we […]
Boudoir For Men

Yes, I Shoot Men Too

I am often emailed or messaged about if I will shoot with men too, or if I only shoot with women. The answer to that is simply that I have not shot a ton of men in this style, it is not something that is requested often, but I do and am very happy to […]
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