My Philosophy on boudoir photography is pretty simple and straight forward - I want my clients to feel sexy and empowered with their own bodies & sexuality. I do this by producing intimate boudoir images that are seductive and suggestive while respecting each client's boundaries and personal comfort level.
My boudoir sessions make great gifts, not just for others but also for yourself! The images will push your inner beauty to the surface through subtly suggestive imagery, avoiding the overt and embracing imagination & mystery. 
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Pricing... We should probably talk about it!

Boudoir is an important experience for any woman. Unlike many photographers who choose to diversify their work across several niches, I instead choose to specialize completely in boudoir. This means that when you book with me you are getting a photographer that is 100% focused on boudoir and helping you look your best! My boudoir sessions start at just $150 with my product packages starting at $449.

Don't just take my word for it though...

Here is what my previous clients have had to say about their boudoir photography experience with me. 
Anthony is so comfortable and great to work with. The experience made me feel incredibly empowered, and when I saw the shots I loved the way that my body looked. I plan on going again, and would recommend 10 out of 10 to any ladies that were thinking about a boudoir shoot.
Anthony is an amazing photographer and great to work with. I defintley recommend him!
Anthony was my first experience with anything like this and I felt so comfortable and had a great time! He definitely knows what he's doing and is so helpful! All of my friends are wanting to book!
I had a wonderful time during my photo shoot with Anthony! He is very professional and keeps it fun while capturing the beauty in motion!
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Stop Putting it off... Really

The truth is that it is really rare for a woman to come into a boudoir shoot feeling 100% comfortable about their body; be it their boobs, their nose, their butt, some extra weight or stretch marks. Part of what makes boudoir such an empowering experience for many women is owning those perceived flaws and doing the shoot anyway - proving that they are sexy, regardless of those self-described flaws. 

So stop putting this off. You don't need to lose 10 more pounds, you don't need to 'tone up', and you most definitely don't need to get a tan, breast implants or nose job. Let me help you prove to yourself that you are beautiful, and sexy and special as you are.