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Boudoir LIttle Black Book

A Look At The Little Black Books

One of the biggest things for you to think about with your boudoir session is how you want to present these images after they are done. You do get the mobile app with 3-5 images included with your ses...
Boudoir Photographer

QA: Yes, I Come To You (Near or Far!)

One of the things that makes my boudoir photography unique is that unlike many boudoir photographers who want to you to come to them (be that a studio or an agreed upon location); I take the exact opp...
Sensual Boudoir


Las Vegas, sometimes referred to as Sin City, is naturally a location that treats someone in my line of work well. While I was in Nevada for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International...
Portland, Oregon Boudoir

A Few Words From Louise

This weekend I had a boudoir shoot with Anthony and I wanted to share my perspective to those looking to have this kind of photography done and what to know before and during the shoot... Why do you w...
Erotic Couples

The Wolf and The Fox

I just realized that I have not shared any of the many couples sessions that I have been doing lately; in some cases because the couple doesn't want me to, but in others just because I have been busy ...
Boudoir Photographer Portland

Q&A: Why Do You Shoot So Dark And Moody?

This is actually a really common question; people are drawn to my work and the way that I shoot this genre in large part because of the way that I work with light and shadow - commonly this style is c...
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