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July 2018 | Monthly Boudoir Q&A

This is this month's installment of my boudoir question and answer series, where I answer your questions and respond to some of the most common concerns that my clients and potential client's have exp...
Erotic Boudoir

You vs Yourself

In this age of social media and nearly constant contact with much of the world, it is easy to find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others about virtually every aspect of your life. The place...


Cheryl is an awesome friend of mine that has worked with me several times now. She moved away from the area at the end of last year, but the call of Portland remained strong and she recently moved bac...
Portland Boudoir Photography


It has been way, WAY too long since I posted a session here on the blog. I am currently in the middle of the busiest month (as far as boudoir photo work goes) that I have had since I moved to the Port...
Boudoir LIttle Black Book

A Look At The Little Black Books

One of the biggest things for you to think about with your boudoir session is how you want to present these images after they are done. You do get the mobile app with 3-5 images included with your ses...
Boudoir Photographer

QA: Yes, I Come To You (Near or Far!)

One of the things that makes my boudoir photography unique is that unlike many boudoir photographers who want to you to come to them (be that a studio or an agreed upon location); I take the exact opp...
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