Katie’s Kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these before and after type posts. I always enjoy showing where an image began and where I took it. In this case, the difference is not super intense. I took this beautiful image of Katie in her tiny home’s kitchen, turned it into one of my classic black and white looks, cleaned up some skin and hair and called it good.

It Is honestly a classic ‘me’ shot, but it does the job and looks great in the process. I could have processed this is color as well, and it still would have been an excellent boudoir photo, but as you all know — my heart lies with black and white, and this shot – for me at least – had more impact in monochrome.

Erotic BoudoirErotic Boudoir

As per my usual routine now, I processed this boudoir image in Capture One. It took me a solid couple of weeks to get the hang of this photo processing software during January, but I have been 100% Capture One here in 2018, basically only loading up Lightroom when I have to to access old edits or something along those lines.

Boudoir Before

Boudoir After

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