Sasha | A Tale of Two Edits

Today we are taking a look at this shot that I took of Sasha this past Monday. I am absolutely in love with her eyes in this shot; they were what stood out to me most when I saw this image while going through the culling process after my shoot.

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Boudoir Image Edits
The Original, Unprocessed

Below you can see what I did as far as the edits. As I usually do when I plan on making two edits of the same image I start with the color and do all of the skin cleanup and such, then once I am feeling good about the edit I will make a virtual copy of the image and apply one of my black and white presets to it. Most of the time it is as simple as this, but sometimes it will require some tweaking in order to look right.

In this case, the preset had a little too much conrast and I was loosing what I felt was too much in the shadows, and so I brough up the shadows and lowered the contrast slightly. The results, as you can see below, turned out to be really nice.

Boudoir EditsBoudoir Edits

So, which image edit stands out more to you? I am honestly really torn on this one; but if push came to shove and I absolutely had to choose one I think that I would lean towards the color (I know, hold the presses, I preferred the color edit!). I think I would attribute this mostly to the color cariation in her eyes that really catches my attention. In the black and white the eyes don’t pull me quite as much as on the color, and since the whole point of this shot is the eye contact, I have to give it to the color.

If you have quetions, comments, or wish to provide feedback on which you prefer go ahead and drop a comment below.

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