Learn About Shooting Boudoir From Me at UnCovered!

I often get asked about my style of boudoir, and until now the only way to really learn it from me was to pester me on social media, read the tidbits that I drop here on my blog, or a booking private mentoring session. But that has all changed, and if you are friends with me on Facebook than you know what I am talking about – UnCovered!

What is UnCovered?

UnCovered is a collaboration between myself and Kevin Lowery, a workshop where we will discuss the ins and out of shooting both male and female boudoir. Kevin is known for his excellent intimate portraits of men, while I am obviously known for how I shoot women, together we are hoping to make UnCovered the perfect one stop shop for someone looking to expand how they shoot both.

The workshop will be taking place on August 19th 2017 in Atlanta, GA, we will have very limited spots available and we expect them to go quickly. We have not announced full details or pricing yet, but a little bird may or may not be telling you to expect all of that next week.

Intimate Portland Boudoir

For now you can learn more about UnCovered over on the website that we have setup by clicking the button below. I hope to see some of you there!