Recapping UnCovered Atlanta and Looking Ahead to Uncovered Portland

So this past weekend I was in Atlanta for the first of what will be at least two, but that I hope will be of many, UnCovered Workshops with Kevin Lowery. In case you don’t remember, UnCovered is our boudoir workshop that we started to cover shooting both men and women within one workshop. It was a concept that we had been playing with for a while, and when the opportunity for me to go to Atlanta presented itself, we jumped at the idea to give it a go.

Uncovered Boudoir Workshops
BTS at UnCovered Atlanta, 2017

Well, not that the first run of the workshop is over I just wanted to talk about it a little from my perspective. Overall the whole event went off really well, all of the attendees came and besides getting started a little late and a few late arrivals, the whole event went off without a hitch. I was able to talk about my perspective on shooting a darker, more suggestive style of boudoir, and Kevin gave the group a knockout punch of inspiration and motivation to strive for their dreams.

Our two models, Caity and Christian were great! Both of them were incredibly accommodating for the group and took direction well, so not only were Kevin and I able to show what we were trying to show, but the attendees also were able to get some great shots as well. We are already starting to see some of their results show up in our private Facebook Group and we are just loving all the different perspectives that everyone got despite shooting the same models in the same poses. It is always crazy what a little perspective change can do to open your eyes to other ways of seeing a specific pose or angle.

Uncovered Boudoir Workshops
BTS from UnCovered Atlanta, 2017 (Thanks Elizabeth!!)

It was a non-stop weekend for me, having arrived on Friday morning and jumping straight into shooting. But now that things have calmed down for me I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the event and how it all went. I just couldn’t be more pumped and excited for the future.

But as mentioned above, we have at least one more UnCovered on the books and that is here, on my home turf in Portland, Oregon coming up on September 21st. We still have a few seats remaining and we would love to get the group filled out like we did in Atlanta. It was a great group of people and the more people there to ask questions and make points the more we all learn.

You can get all the information about UnCovered and our register for the Portland event over on our workshop website – Here. I would REALLY love to see some of you there!