premium boudoir

  • 120 Minute Session
  • Up To 5 Looks
  • 10 Digital Images via Mobile App
  • 20% Product Discount



  • 90 Minute Session
  • 2-3 Looks
  • 5 Digital Images via Mobile App
  • 10% Product Discount


MINI Boudoir 

  • 30 Minute Session with 1 Look Included
  • 1 Digital Image via Mobile App
  • No Product Discount
  • Limited Availability, Mondays Only



What exactly am I getting with the session fee?

As noted above, I offer three tiers of session depending on your needs; Each option comes with a certain period of time that we will be shooting, a certain number or range of looks to plan for, and a certain number of digital images that you get in a mobile app you can download to your phone. Out side of these three things I do not include anything else in the session fee. 

What is the mobile app and can I print/share the images in it?

The mobile app is basically a mobile gallery that you download to your phone that includes a number of images from your boudoir session. The digital images contained within the app can not be printed, nor can they be taken out of the app. You can install the app as many times and on as many devices as you like. Your mobile app that comes with your session only includes a specific number of images, but you can add more to it for an additional fee if you like. 

Do you offer albums, prints, canvas, digital files or other products?

Yes! I am a full service boudoir studio, so I am here to help you completely throughout the process, from prep, to shooting, to ordering high quality products to commemorate the occasion. I offer prints, little black books, luxury albums, canvases, and digital files. These products are available to be purchased individually (some limitations apply) or in one of my product packages, which start at $449. You will get full product pricing details at your consultation. 

Where will my boudoir session be held?

This is a great question! We have several options available to us when determining the location for your boudoir session. By default, it is assumed that we will be holding your boudoir session at your home. If that does not work for you we could shoot in the studio or at a local hotel/AirBnB but those both add an additional fee to cover location costs.

Who will be at the session, and can I bring a friend or escort?

I will be the only person in the session with you unless you pay the fee to add-on hair and makeup, in that case the HMUA will also be present. You are more than welcome to bring a single friend or escort with you to your session, The only stipulations being that I do not allow spouses or lovers to be present at the shoot unless they are going to be joining you to be in some of the images. Also anyone who joins you at the shoot needs to agree to not be distracting or otherwise disruptive.

Will you use or share the boudoir images from my session?

Maybe. As part of my booking process you will sign my contract and image usage addendum which lay out exactly what your preferences are in regards to me using or not using the images from your session in my marketing and social media. If you don't want me to use any of the images then I won't, but also just because you give me permission to share and use some doesn't mean that I will. 
Anymore Questions?
Part of my booking process is an in-person or online consultation. I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have there.