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Sessions STARTING AT $300

The Base Boudoir session fee

My base session fee for boudoir sessions is $300; this fee goes towards securing your scheduled date on my calendar, as well as compensating me for the time and energy that I put into preparing and producing the images from your photo session.

I have designed my fee and booking process to better allow for my clients to get the shoot they want, with the deliverables they want without wasting time or money on things they don’t.

Booking Ahead

I am a flexible guy in terms of my availability and if I am able to accommodate you on shorter notice I will always try to do so. That said, it is always recommended that you try to book out 2-3 months ahead of time or more as that will give you the most time to get ready for your shoot and give you a good chance of booking on the most ideal day for you.

As such, my booking fee actually slides based on how far ahead of time you are booking. You can see the pricing difference below:

  • 0-20 days: + $100 ($400 session fee)
  • 21-30 days: +$50 ($350 session fee)
  • 31-89 days: +$0 ($300 session fee)
  • 90+ days: – $50 ($250 session fee)
What’s Included

Your base boudoir session with me will include a minimum of 1 hour of shooting time, pre-shoot consultation and guidance, image processing & editing, product design, and a mobile app featuring 3 images from your session.

What’s Not Included

Your base boudoir session fee does not cover additional shooting time, locations other than your home, travel expenses, advanced image editing, prints, albums, mobile app upgrades, digital downloads or any other product or service not mentioned in the ‘whats included’ section.

A Typical client will spend between $500-$900 (session fee + product order)

Boudoir Pricing & Investment - Boudoir Photography Portland

Session Addons

Assuming that you are interested in more than what the base session fee covers (as you should be, the base fee isn’t meant to be all you buy); you can purchase session addons below to upgrade your session and make it what you want it to be.

More Shoot Time

The base session fee only covers 1 hour of shooting time; this is generally enough time for most people, but if you want to give yourself more time you may purchase additional shooting time for your session.

  • +1 Hour ($60)
  • +2 Hours ($100)
Mobile App Upgrades

The base mobile app only includes 3 images from your session; if you would like the app to include more images from your session you may purchase an upgrade as listed below.

  • +7 Images ($100)
  • +17 Images ($150)
  • Full Gallery ($200)

Many of my clients wait to decide on what to purchase until they see the images; but if you already know what you want to use these images for, you can get a sweet discount by purchasing it ahead of time; as noted below.

  • Product Credit w/ 10% off ($200)
  • Product Credit w/ 25% off ($500)
  • 5×5 Little Black Book ($100)
  • 6×9 Little Black Book ($200)
  • 10 Pack – Digital Downloads ($150)
  • 20 Pack – Digital Downloads ($200)
  • Hair & Makeup ($200)
  • Location Fee ($300)
  • No Trace Service ($250)
Boudoir Pricing & Investment - Boudoir Photography Portland

payment plans

I am happy to offer payment plans on my sessions and products in order to help make the cost of shooting with me easier to bear for everyone interested. The only caveat to utilizing a payment plan is that no products or images will be delivered until the payment plan is complete.

Available Payment Plans
  • 3 Month Plan (Retainer + 2 payments)
  • 6 Month Plan ( Retainer + 5 payments)
  • 12 Month Plan ( Retainer + 11 payments)
Why Get A Payment PLan?