A Look At The Little Black Books

One of the biggest things for you to think about with your boudoir session is how you want to present these images after they are done. You do get the mobile app with 3-5 images included with your session, but realistically, the majority of you are going to be looking into other ways to use your images. You may want the digital files for your own archives, or maybe some prints, or maybe you want to go with the most traditional boudoir product — a Little Black Book.

The Little Black Book

Little Black Book
The LBB (Little Black Book) Comes Ready To Gift

The little black book is my base level boudoir ‘album’, and is the most affordable way to give your boudoir images to a lover in a premium, intimate way that only comes from a custom made book. I currently offer three sizes of the Little Black Books for my clients to choose from; 5×5, 6×9, and 8×10. Each comes complete with a base of 35 images, 20 pages, black leather cover (or faux leather if you prefer), premium paper and all ready to be gifted.

Beyond the base configuration, clients may choose to add additional images to their LBB; and this is priced according to how many images they want added to the book based upon a $/image figure that varies between the three LBB sizes.

Boudoir Albums
You even get a little card with how to care for your LBB

I am not going to go over pricing for the books in this blog post because the pricing does change and fluctuate from time to time and I don’t want the information in here to be outdated the next time I update my product pricing. So if you are interested in learning more about the pricing on my LBB products, go ahead and get in touch with me and we can discuss product pricing at your consultation.

I always recommend the LBB to clients because it just brings with it level of presentation when your partner is viewing the images that just doesn’t feel the same when you give them just the app, or just the digital files. There is a power, an emotional connection to images that we can hold in our hands, and that is truer than ever with the Little Black Book. If you have any questions about the LBB besides pricing (see my note above) go ahead and drop a comment below and I will be happy to answer your questions.