It’s Not Enough To Want It, You Need To Do It

I have been hanging out with the Sony team, Artisans, and Collective here at the Sony Kando Trip 2.0 and to say that this experience has been so fun and inspiring is a massive understatement. But there is one thing that really stood out to me from last night’s Keynote that I wanted to share today. The idea is this idea that it is enough to want something; the reality is that it isn’t. You’ve got to do something about it.

In the context of boudoir and intimate portrait photography; for those of you who are always saying that you would love to work with me but have XYZ excuse to prevent you from doing it at this time. The fact is that it’s not enough for you to like my work, to like boudoir; you need to do something about it. No, I don’t mean you need to call me right away to book a session (though I won’t complain if that is what you choose to do about it), but you should have an activity or something that you are working towards to make this boudoir shoot goal of yours happen.

If your holdup is a budget problem; start saving, or reach out and maybe you and I can come up with an arrangement that will work for the both of us. If your holdup is your weight, then start doing a boudoir workout routine. If your holdup is a mental issue, then figure out what is causing you that mental headache and work out a way to resolve it. The point is, identify your hold up and then come up with a clear solution to that problem to work towards.

If you get caught in the circle of ‘I’ll do a boudoir photoshoot with Anthony after XYZ” but don’t put a date on it, or a $ symbol on it, or a weight on it, or whatever; then you are always going to constantly be putting it off, and the reality is that the chances of it happening are incredibly small.

So after you read this, go have a look at my boudoir portfolio, give it a good look and decide if this is something that you would like to do. If it is, identify what is stopping you from setting up a shoot with me right now, and instead of passively saying you will do it when this issue is resolved, set a goal to resolve XYZ issue by XYZ date. Hold yourself accountable, think of some steps and get yourself working towards the goal.