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Ladies, Give The Memorable Gift of Boudoir For The Holidays!

Ladies! You know who you are… If you have been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot and think it may be a good gift for this upcoming holiday season but you aren’t sure that you can afford it. Well, I am here today to let you know about my special holiday deal that can get you an incredible boudoir experience for just $249 $199. That is a full $150 less than my usual rate!!

So what is the catch? Well, unlike my usual sessions, this will not come with makeup and hair included, as well, you only have two (three) options as far as where we can shoot. You can come to my Portland studio space, or I can come to your house (or you to mine). You will also get a small 8×8 20 page booklet to give your significant other for the holiday.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this incredible holiday discount you need to do two things, asap. First, you need check your calendar for the rest of November because the last week that I can do these last minute sessions is the last week of November (and still get you your product by Christmas). Then, you need to get in touch with me (anthony@anthonythurston.com) and let me know you are wanting the holiday special and let me know a couple of days/times that could work for you. Note that we will need at least 2 hours to shoot, so take that into account when deciding on a time.

Jump on this quick if you are interested, I will only be doing a few of these each week, so if you don’t book soon, you risk not having the chance at all.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you to give your significant other the best holiday gift they have ever had!