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The Grey Area: Where I See Myself on The Boudoir-Erotica Spectrum

OK, So a question I am often asked is if my work is really boudoir, or if it is more in the erotica realm. This is something that I have actually thought about a great deal, and the answer, in my mind, is yeah, but also nah.

You see, the majority of my work I would say falls into this sort of weird grey area. It is more suggestive and features implied sexual themes (when the client is comfortable with that) than your typical boudoir photography session, but at the same time, its not as sexually graphic as the majority of erotica either. I find that my work is somewhere inbetween.

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I like to imply sexual themes, giving the viewers mind just enough to go on to be aroused and run away thinking about what is or could be happening, but not being able to actually see anything blatantly sexual or graphic. Basically, I like to play mind games and tease my viewers, giving their minds just enough to make them want more – but rarely, if ever, showing what they think they want to see.

So for example you may see a woman arched back on her bed with her hand in a suggestive spot, her mouth open ever so slightly, and just enough tension in her forehead to sell that she is feeling something, and maybe even moaning. Yet you can’t see if she is actually touching herself, at the most you see her bare breasts, or some nice cleavage from the bra. This to me is a perfect mixture between boudoir and erotica, it has the arousing and exciting affects of erotica without the graphic nudity or sexuality, and the empowering effect of boudoir because the subject can see for herself how sexy it is without feeling awkward about it being too graphic.

I like to put it this way (and obviously there are exceptions to this); Most women know they can go get dolled up, have their hair and makeup done and look ‘their best’ for a night on the town or a date night. But not every women can say that she feels like she can turn someone on. This is how I feel my work can be empowering on both fronts: The ‘I love my body I am beautiful’ front, and the ‘Look at that sexy fox, how is that me?!’ front.

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Obviously not every shoot I do is in this grey area. Many fall more in line with what would be a more standard boudoir session, and a few are probably more straight up erotica. But the vast majority I would say, in their entirety, fall right where I like to be, in the middle ground, that grey area, and it is so, so fun to be there.


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