Of all the reasons I have chosen to specialize my photography with boudoir, the foremost is about counteracting the social stigmas that women deal with your entire lives. Society encourages those feelings of not being enough. I want you to feel empowered by your bodies and your sexuality, and my way of helping is by capturing it in my images.

Then there are also the obvious reasons: from simply being fascinated by the human form with little to nothing taking away from it or hiding it, to being in love with the way that natural light wraps around a bare back in a dimly lit room toward sundown. Driving me is the art and craft of intimately working with someone to create beautiful imagery that is not only pretty, but means something deep and important to that person.

Seeing women come into my studio with such low opinions of themselves, and then leaving with a new light and new belief in their beauty, sexiness, and confidence - this transformation is what I aim to make possible to all of my clients. 

I have always struggled with self-confidence and my own self-worth, and and for every woman that I am able to help break free of the poor self-image holding her down, it helps, in a way, to relieve me of my own demons.

My clients are not just clients.  I want my sessions to feel like you are just hanging out with a friend - while the camera and lack of clothing just fade into the back, allowing your real self to shine through in a way it may not normally be able to.

So there you have it! This is WHY I SHOOT BOUDOIR. It may not be the answer you were expecting, but it is the honest answer, and I trust that it has given you a glimpse into my vision. I look forward to shooting with you!
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful"
– Sophia Loren