Boudoir Doesn’t Have To Be Out Of Your Budget!!

I am often told, and women often make the comment that they would love to do a boudoir shoot with me, but that they just can’t afford it right now. That is an excuse that I hope I never have to hear again, thanks to the news today that I am now able to accept PayPal Credit as a form of payment for both my sessions and products sales.

So what does this mean? It means that you can apply for Paypal Credit and then make small monthly payments on your boudoir session over time without the downside of delayed product ordering that come with my own personal in-house payment plans. Applying for PayPal Credit is super easy too, and whats more, you get 6 Month no interest to pay on anything over $99 (in otherwords, anything that you will be getting from me). So not only do you get your boudoir session and products right away, but you have 6 whole months to pay it off without any interest to worry about.

It really is a great deal. If you are interested in applying for PayPal Credit, or using your current PayPal Credit to pay for your boudoir session please let me know and I will get the process started for you.