Boudoir Photography Portland OR




1 -2 Hours
Each of my boudoir sessions runs about an hour to an hour and a half. This gives us plenty of time to capture everything we need to help you find your sexy. 
In Home or On Location
I always really recommend shooting in your boudoir session in your home if you are able, otherwise we can shoot at a hotel or a local photo studio. 
Your Comfort Is Key
Each boudoir session is custom tailored to the comfort level of my individual client. Your boundaries will be respected at all times. 
Hair, Makeup, & Styling
Styling guidance is included with all of my boudoir sessions, and hair/makeup is available (location dependent) at your request. 


I am now offering same day viewing! For those interested, depending on location, we will finish the shoot and then take a quick break, after which point you will be able to view and select your images right away. 

Mobile App Included With All Sessions

Every one of my boudoir sessions comes with a custom mobile app for you to download onto your phone. This allows you or your partner to always have quick access to your favorite boudoir images. The standard app included with each session comes with 3 images, but you can upgrade your app to include more images if you desire. (see product pricing info)

THE Products

My base boudoir sessions do not include any digital image files (besides those included in your mobile app), prints, little black books, albums, canvases or any other products. 

Products like those mentioned above can be purchased through one of my various packages or on an individual basis (depending on the product). My product packages start at $350 and go up to $1999. If you would like to have a look at my full listing of packages and my product price list let me know on your booking form. 


So now for the all important question... 'What is this going to cost me?'
Well, the quick answer is that the cost to you in order to secure your session is just $200.
Boudoir Questions
The total that you can expect to pay all together on your session itself is $350; not including any travel, location, hair/makeup costs, or products.  However, this is not what you have to come up with right away.

When you are ready to book your session with me all you will be required to pay up front is $200; the remaining $150 is due to be paid at least two calendar days before your scheduled session.

You don't have to split the fee up like this, you can pay it all up front if you like; but all you are required to have when you schedule your session is $200.
There are no penalties to paying your fee in two parts as detailed above; however there are benefits if you pay the fee all up front.

If you decide you are able to pay your entire session fee up front you will get an additional two images in your included mobile app (so 5 images rather than 3).


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