I highly recommend purchasing products of your boudoir session, be it prints, albums, canvas, etc.  This is a special occasion and an experience that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.  

Below you can find my current catalog of products and packages for you to consider. If by chance you are looking for a product not mentioned on this list, please don't hesitate to ask about it, I may be able to offer it. 
Last Updated: July 2018

Product Packages

$ 1999
50 5x7 Prints in a Photobox
5 8x10 Prints
1 20x30 Canvas
10x10 Standard Album
Premium Mobile App
Gold Package
$ 1199
50 5x7 Prints in a Photobox
2 8x10 Prints
1 11 x 14 Print
6x9 Little Black Book
 Premium Mobile App
Silver Package
$ 699
35 5x7 Prints in a Photobox
5x5 Little Black Book
Premium Mobile App
Bronze Package
$ 350
20 5x7 Prints in a Photobox
2 8x10 Prints
1 20x30 Canvas

A La Carte Pricelist 

Little Black Books

LBB Size Base Price (30 Images) Add Images
5x5 $399 $10.49/each
6x9 $549 $10.99/each

Standard Albums

Album Size Base Price (30 Images) Add Images
8x8 $599 $15.99/each
10x10 $799 $21.99/each
12x12 $999 $25.99/each

Luxury Albums

XF 50mm F2 R WR Review
Album Size Base Price (30 Images) Add Images
8x8 $999 $25.99/each
12x12 $1299 $39.99/each

Canvas Prints

Canvas Size Individual 3 Pack
8x10 $49.99 $119.99
11x14 $99.99 $249.99
16x20 $129.99 $359.99
20x30 $199.99 $499.99
30x40 $249.99 $649.99

Mobile App Upgrades

App Upgrade Price
Silver App (+10 Images) $150
Gold App (+20 Images) $250
Platinum App (+45  Images) $399

Digital Files

Low Res = 1000px on the longest side | High Res = 2500px on the longest side
Click Here to see a visual size comparison.
Digital File Low Res Price High Res Price
10 Pack $199 $299
25 Pack $349 $499
50 Pack $549 $699
Full Gallery $799 $999


I do offer payment plans on all of my products, so you are welcome to order anything on this price list to be put on a payment plan. There is no special interest, the only caveat is that I don't actually order the product or deliver any files until your final payment is made. 

Payment plans can be split into as many payments as you like, charged once or twice per month depending on your preference. If you are interested in a payment plan please let me when you are ready to order and we can discuss your options.