QA: Yes, I Come To You (Near or Far!)

Every week (or so) I will be posting a new Q&A post to answer your questions about boudoir, erotica, my photography and more. If you have a question that you would like to have addressed please feel free to reach out and let me know what’s on your mind!

Do I Have To Come To You, or Will You Come To Me?

One of the things that makes my boudoir photography unique is that unlike many boudoir photographers who want to you to come to them (be that a studio or an agreed upon location); I take the exact opposite approach and very much prefer to come to you. There are many reasons behind this, but let’s just simmer it down to a couple key reasons.

First, you will be much more comfortable in your own home. Everyone gets a little nervous, but I’ve found that when shooting with my clients in their own space those nerves calm down much quicker than if I bring the client to a studio or some other unfamiliar location.

Boudoir Photographer
This was shot in a tiny home, in her kitchen. Your bedroom likely has as much usable space as her entire home. Think about that before you say your place isn’t big enough.

Second, you have access to everything in your closet. It means that your ‘shoot prep’ is way easier, simply pull out an item or two and we can work with that. No having to worry about pulling out a ton of wardrobe options to pack and bring, stressing about if you forgot something. When I come to you, I am the one that has to bring my stuff with me, and that takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

But what if you have a small space? That honestly is not a problem at all. I’ve shot in rooms 10×10 and even much smaller than that. Really, as long as you have a bed or couch and a window, I can use your space and create the same beautiful images for you that I have for my other in-home boudoir clients. Your space doesn’t even have to be spotless, in fact, I rather like the place to still look lived in, it helps bring a realism to the images that are hard to replicate in a sterilely clean location. Just as long as it’s not a ton of clutter, it’s all good.

Erotic Boudoir
This too, was shot in a small bedroom on a full size mattress. Hardly an extravagant location, but as you can see, the job gets done and she looks great!

How about if you live outside of the Portland area? That isn’t a problem either if you are within driving distance I am happy to make the drive out to you, and in many cases, the only fee for this would be a small one to cover my gas. If you live far enough away that I would need to stay the night before heading home then there may also be a fee needed to help cover my lodging (don’t worry, I’m not talking about a 5 start hotel; bare basics are plenty for me). As well, these fees will not be a surprise for you, we will discuss them and we can negotiate a fee that we can both agree on. Plus remember, it only costs $200 to the book, so you can always pay the remaining balance or the remaining travel fee later at your convenience.

I am currently happy to drive to most locations in Oregon, Washington, Northern California and Western Idaho. Outside of that general region, I would probably be flying to you; and yes, the travel fee that we negotiate would cover that flight. That said, my session rate does not go up for these travel sessions, someone in Atlanta, Georgia will pay the same for their solo Boudoir photo shoot as someone here in Portland, Oregon. The only difference will be in the travel fee needed to accommodate my getting to the location, and as noted, that is not due up front and is negotiable (to a degree).

So what I am getting at here is to not let your location or distance from me stop you from reaching out about setting up a shoot. If you can get a few friends in your area to also book a shoot then any associated travel costs could be easily split between you.

Oregon Boudoir Photography
Another small one bedroom apartment with what many may consider to be space limitations. But again, an excellent image of her. Noticing a pattern here?

But what if I just don’t want to shoot at my place, or it is simply not an option?

Well, then, in that case, I would recommend an AirBnB or friends house. Airbnb in many markets is very affordable (especially if booked far enough in advance) and it allows us to still retain that excellent in-home look without having to use your home. If I am traveling and staying near you, then we could always shoot wherever I am staying (be that an Airbnb or a Hotel) to help save on location costs. But that is really totally up to you.

If you happen to prefer the studio look, and you are local to Portland, I do have the ability to rent out a couple of studio locations on a shoot by shoot basis, so that is an option if you want it. That said, as you can see by my work, it is pretty heavily skewed to the in-home look and vibe, so if you are wanting your session to turn out like what you are seeing on this site, then I would recommend sticking to that in-home look with an Airbnb or Hotel.

Boudoir Photographer
Really can’t or don’t want to use your place? That’s OK! Hotels and Airbnb are also a great option for the in-home boudoir look. 

I hope that you are getting the point of this blog post. All I am trying to point out is that space really is not a huge factor, yes it does play some role in the sort of looks that we can achieve. But we can still create beautiful and stunning boudoir images in your home no matter how small the space you can shoot in is. Really, do not stress about the space, I’ve become really good at working in new locations with challenging lighting – so trust me, I’ve got your back.

So, are you ready to chat about booking your own boudoir session? Near or Far I am happy to come to you! Use the button below to set up your free consultation with me to discuss your options with your boudoir shoot!