Monthly Boudoir Q&A
July 2018

This is this month's installment of my boudoir question and answer series, where I answer your questions and respond to some of the most common concerns that my clients and potential client's have expressed to me lately

"Should I tell my significant other about my boudoir session?"

This is a question that I often get asked; regarding whether or not my clients should tell their significant other about their boudoir session. To this, it really comes down to what your end goal for the shoot is; For example, if you are wanting to give these images as a gift of some kind of your partner, then it obviously doesn’t make sense to tell them that you are doing it. I do, however, recommend having a chat with your significant other about if they would be open to you participating in such a shoot. The worst outcome possible would be for a surprise to be ruined by a partner who feels betrayed by the session.
Additionally, I wouldn’t recommend going ahead and doing a shoot in secret because you know that your partner wouldn’t be ok with it. That is not a recipe for a healthy relationship and I am not in the business of causing issues in a partnership. That said, you certainly don’t need their permission to go ahead and do a shoot, but if you are going to have a session against the wishes of your partner, I suggest letting them know about it ahead of time. They may be upset, but at least they won’t feel as if you are being dishonest or hiding things from them.

Ideally, all partners would be open to the idea of their significant other taking part in the sexy self-care that a boudoir shoot is. However that is not the world we live in; so like I said, honesty is the best policy and if you do plan to keep the session from your significant other I recommend trying to sort out their opinion on it prior to doing so. 
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Well, this is another question that comes up all the time and the answer again is dependent upon you. It really all comes down to how comfortable you are with being nude in your session. If you are comfortable with nudity, then I generally recommend 1-2 outfits be prepared for the session. If you are not interested or not comfortable with being nude during your session, then we will need to fill that space with more outfits, so I would usually recommend 3-4 outfit options to use throughout the session.

That is what I usually recommend, however, to be totally honest; I don’t care much how many outfit options you have at the session. The more options the better. We will shoot for our allotted amount of time and we will shoot in as many outfits/settings as possible, so if you want to bring a ton of options, do it. If you want to keep things simple and just bring one or two, do it. 
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The short answer here is that yes, occasionally I will offer some promotional pricing or discounts on my boudoir sessions. However, these are not usually regular and are not advertised long in advance. So if you want to be aware of any discounts or promotions that I will be running in the future I suggest that you follow me on my Facebook page and keep an eye on this blog as those will be the first places that I announce any discounts that may be available or coming up.
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So, there you have it, July’s Q&A post. If you have any questions that you would like to see my answer in a future Q&A post feel free to leave your question as a comment below. Alternatively, you can feel free to drop me an email and ill be sure to add the question into my queue. See you next month for another Boudoir Q&A blog post.
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