The Difference Between
Standard Boudoir & Erotic Boudoir

A lot of you have had questions about this, So let's clear it up!

I offer two types of sessions for both my solo and couples boudoir shoots, standard and erotic. I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding the differences between the two types of sessions, so in this post today I will be going over what exactly the difference comes down to so hopefully you all know what I am talking about from now on.

Ok, if you are here right now you know that I offer both ‘Standard’ Boudoir and ‘Erotic’ Boudoir sessions. These sessions can look very similar, and are in fact shot virtually identically while we are at the shoot, so it is understandable that some of you are looking to get some clarification on exactly what the difference between the two types of sessions are.

Really the difference comes down to how graphic you want to get with images that fall into the sexual side of the spectrum. Now, as you likely know by now if you have been following my work for any period of time, but my standard boudoir work has always skewed to the ultra sexy and sexual side of things. Simply put, I want your partner to be turned on by what they are seeing (If you’re honest, isn’t that what you are after as well?) or what is more accurate, turned on by what they are not seeing. Let me explain…

The human mind is a curious thing. If it seeing holes in a storyline, it tries to fill them in. This is especially true of your male partner in relation to things of a sexual nature. So for example, if you are in an image where it looks like you could be touching yourself, where do you think his mind is going to run with that? Yeah, he is going to get aroused because he is thinking about you touching yourself. Were you actually touching yourself? If it was a standard boudoir session then no, you weren’t. But we shot the image in a manner to imply that you were. If you were doing an erotic boudoir session then maybe you were actually touching yourself, and maybe a couple of the images actually give your partner that payoff shot of actually seeing it happen. (Depending on your comfort level of course)

So there is the difference between the two sessions, it is really just a matter of if you are comfortable with more graphic imagery of yourself (or you and your partner, if this is a couples session) doing poses or actions of a sexual nature. If you are comfy with that or open to that, then the erotic session is the way to go; If you are not comfy with that, or that is not something that you are wanting to capture with this session than a regular standard session is more in line with what you will want.

Does that make sense? Let me simmer it down even more for you, what it all really boils down to is this:

Standard Boudoir = Images Limited to Implied Sexuality (up to and including fully nude images) // Look at my Standard Boudoir Portfolio to see exampls of my standard boudoir work \\

Erotic Boudoir = No Limits, Images Showing Graphic/Actual Sexuality // Look at my Erotic Boudoir Portfolio to see examples of my erotic boudoir work \\

Otherwise, the two sessions are shot very similarly. It all really comes down to your comfort level and the comfort level of your partner. As well it is important to note that your mind can change at any time, so if you want to do an erotic shoot but at the moment you decide that you aren’t comfortable with that all you need to do is say so and we will then keep things within the limits of a standard boudoir session.

You are always in control of your session with me, and you have the final say on what does or doesn’t happen. The one exception to that rule is that if you initially book a standard boudoir session you are not allowed to change your mind and move things into the erotic realm without first signing an additional form at the session indicating that you have changed your mind and are now consenting to take things into the erotic realm. This is to protect both you and me from any issues that could arise from boundaries being changed on the fly.

I hope that this clears the issue up for anyone who is interested in either of my sessions. If you have any questions about this or would like some more clarification please don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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