Weekly Boudoir Q&A: Couples, Travel, & Image Privacy

I apologize, I’ve been super busy the last few weekends and these Q&A posts did not get done. I had a quick minute and so I decided to get to work and put together another one of these posts. Today’s questions are some good ones and so I am excited for you all to get the answers for them, so lets get into it.

Will My Images Be Posted To Your Website or Social Media?

I post a lot of images, many nude and many somewhat suggestive poses, so I can understand why this would be a concern. Many people, or most people I would say actually, don’t want these sort of images posted publicly, and that is a request that I respect 100%. To answer the question more directly and simply, no, your images will not be posted or shared on my website/social media without your consent.

As part of my process you are given the opportunity to allow me to share images of specific types, or to request that no images be shared or used at all. I don’t push and I respect your decisions either way. So I hope this answers your question, if you enjoy my work but worried about images of yourself being posted publicly then worry no more.

Portland Couples Boudoir

Do You Shoot Couples?

I do! I actually do not get the request often, but I absolutely love couples boudoir. If you and your lover have been considering the idea of having some sexy images done together please get in touch and we can discuss your options. Similarly to my standard boudoir sessions my couples shoots are a fun no-pressure environment where intimacy and mystery play a key role in creating some incredibly sexy images.

How Far Will You Travel For Destination Boudoir Shoots?

Another great question, and another easy answer for me. I am happy to say that I will travel anywhere within the USA to shoot destination boudoir. I do not currently have my passport or I would also be willing to travel to international destinations should a request come in.

My travel sessions are the same cost as my standard sessions, the difference being that there is a travel fee involved to cover my expenses to get to and from the location, lodging, etc.

So to put it plainly, anywhere in the USA is a green light for me, and internationally is an option too but not available as an option on short notice.