What Is Sex Positive Intimate Portraiture?

If you are following my social media accounts then you have most likely noticed that I recently added the term ‘sex positive intimate portraiture’ to a lot of my descriptions and branding. I wanted to just take a little bit of time in this post to explain that and the reason behind it.

First off, what is Intimate Portraiture – well that is the umbrella term that I am using for my boudoir and erotica imagery. My boudoir work is generally very sexy and sexually suggestive and my erotica work, well, obviously that is heavy on the sex, but it is all close and intimate. Hence the term, Intimate Portraiture.

Now for Sex Positive, well that is a term that indicates a celebration and open mindedness towards sex and sexuality. You have almost definitely heard of body positive, and this is a similar idea but in regards to sex and sexuality, breaking away from the societal norms that preach about keeping it to yourself and hiding your body, your sex, and your sexuality. Fuck that. You are an adult, you are human, and assuming you have been lucky enough to experience it, you enjoy sex in some way shape or form. You can and should be able to ‘be sexy’ and flaunt that without looking down on you.

So why the term Sex Positive Intimate Portraiture? Well, I feel like a lot of boudoir out there has this sort of ridiculous set of standards; ‘you can be in sexy lingerie or nude, but don’t be too sexy! Wouldn’t want anyone to get aroused now would we?!‘ Again, going back to what I said above, FUCK THAT. If you are coming to me for boudoir or erotica it is because you are usually looking for more than just being pretty and beautiful, you want to be sexy, you want to suggest sex, you want to attract people, arouse them – turn them on. (and I say people meaning whomever you intend to see your images, be that a partner or whoever).

Now, this isn’t to say that people can’t and don’t come to me for a tamer style of boudoir. Comfort levels and boundaries are things that I am happy to work with anyone on, but for the purposes of my brand overall, and the general leanings of my work. I feel that highlighting and embracing the sex and sexuality that it so often portrays is important to standing out.

If you want to shoot tame boudoir, I am happy to shoot that, I just want it to be because that is what you WANT. There is nothing wrong with wanting tame boudoir photos, but there is everything wrong with being shamed or feeling shamed into tamer boudoir photos when what you want is something sexier.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is 2017, so hit me up and let’s create some sexy images!