Why I Choose To Specialize In Boudoir

There are a lot of reasons that I have chosen to specialize my professional photography with Boudoir, but first and foremost, it’s about counteracting the social stigma’s that women in our society deal with their entires lives. That feeling of not being enough, of having to hide their enjoyment of sex, of being too thick or having small breasts. I want women to feel empowered by their bodies and their sexuality, and my way of doing that is by helping to capture it in my images.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”
– Sophia Loren
There are also the other obvious reasons, from just being fascinated by the look of the human form with little to nothing taking away from it or hiding it, to being in love with the way that natural light wraps around a bare back in a dimly lit room toward sundown. For me, the art of it, the craft of intimately working with someone to produce beautiful imagery that is not only pretty to look at, but means something deep and important to that person is an incredible drive.

Seeing women come into my studio with such low opinions of themselves, and to then see them leave with a new light, a belief that they are beautiful and sexy. Watching that transformation, seeing it happen right before my eyes — it is like a drug for me, I want to experience it every chance I can.

I have always struggled with self-confidence and my own self-worth, and for every woman that I am able to help break free of the poor image that is holding them down, it helps, in a way, to relieve me of my own demons.

My clients are not just clients. My hope is that we become friends – to an extent. That we talk to each other candidly and have a good laugh with each other as well. I want my sessions to feel like they are just hanging out with a friend talking shop – the camera, and the fact that little to nothing is being worn just fades into the back of the mind, allowing their real self to shine through in a way it may not normally be able to do.

So there you have it. This is WHY I SHOOT BOUDOIR. It may not be the answer you were expecting, but it is the true and honest answer. I hope that this has been helpful! I look forward to the possibility of shooting with you.