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A Re-Branded Boudoir Experience, Dropping Insecurities of The Past

In case you have not noticed, I made a rather big decision this week to shutter my boudoir brand After Hours Boudoir in favor of pulling my boudoir work back under my name brand here. There are many reasons behind this choice, a lot of them having to do with my limited time and it being difficult/stressful to manage two photography brands at the same time, when I am/was essentially photographing the same things and talking about similar subjects.

The biggest reason though, if I am being honest, was that the After Hours Brand was a lie – or based on one anyway. When I first got started in boudoir, trying to forge my way, I had a lot of insecurity about being a man and trying to specialize in this genre of photography. Not only is it a strongly female dominated niche, but given its intimate nature, it also happened to be a genre where in general the clients felt more comfortable with a woman photographer right off the bat. I was worried being new to the business, and not much of a portfolio to speak of, most of my potential clients would see ‘Anthony Thurston’, know I was a man, and instantly write me off. It didn’t help that everyone I knew – well most people – thought it was just some stunt to see attractive women with little to nothing on. Their skepticism gave me pause, and it contributed to my insecurities about my photography.

Now, I realize that a lot of that was mostly in my head, but I held onto that fear and insecurity for some time. It was that fear that led me to After Hours, the brand was developed in order to hide the fact that I was a man right off the bat, the brand was purposefully developed to have a very feminine vibe, to give women a chance to see my work and like it, before finding that I was a man. The idea was that they would like my work and that would be the first impression – rather than the fact that I was a guy.

As time has gone on, the strategy worked, for the most part. I got clients, I shot plenty, and I gained valuable experience. But as a whole, the brand was/is just not ME, it didn’t represent m creative vision or passion at all, and recently I started to realize that it was holding me back from really going ‘all in’, so to speak, so I am blowing it up.

A New Look, All Me

So the new brand isn’t really a new brand at all. It’s just my name, but for me, you see, it’s a growth moment. I feel confident enough now in what I am able to produce, in being able to create the look I am going for artistically.

I also realized that women who weren’t comfortable with a man shooting them wouldn’t change their mind just by being faked out by a brand name, these women were not my target market. So I no longer feel the need to justify myself, to prove myself, to convince women that I am worth shooting with.

My style is my style, some women will love it and others may not, but I am going to focus my energy from now on towards attracting those women who do love it, rather than wasting time on worrying about those who don’t.

This is Me, Anthony Thurston. This is my Boudoir Photography. You can Like it, Love it, Hate it – do what you will, but I am here, I’m doing what I am doing, and I am not going anywhere.

Check out my new Boudoir sub-site, here. I have limited availability through the rest of the year, so get at me quick if you are wanting to shoot before end of the year.