A Boudoir Session For Everyone

I am a huge believer in the idea that every woman should experience a boudoir shoot at some point; be it as a gift for a lover or just for themselves. The fact is that for whatever reason a woman comes to see me, there is an opportunity there to help her be empowered by her body and provide her with an experience that promotes self-love and body positivity.

That in mind, I have been working for a while now on revamping my pricing strategy to better help serve women with a wide variety of needs and financial abilities. You may have noticed in the last week I updated the site with this new pricing and in this blog post I just wanted to discuss my new boudoir session options and why I think they make such great sense for women in Portland and around the country who are interested in shooting with me.

I have split my one boudoir session option into three options; Mini, Standard, and Premium. The differences between the sessions are aimed at meeting the needs of a wider variety of women, so let’s take a quick look at each one and who I am to serve with each.

Boudoir Photography Portland

Mini Session

This one should be fairly obvious, but this is my lower barrier to entry option. This is for women who are on a limited budget, are only in need of a few boudoir images, or are just looking to give boudoir a try before booking a full-length boudoir session.

These mini boudoir sessions are a great option for Portland area women, but I am only able to offer a limited number of these each month. As well, these sessions are only available on Mondays. These are quick 30 minute sessions with one look that includes a single image delivered via a mobile app.

Standard Session

This is the session out of current options that most closely resembles my previous session. The Standard session is designed for most women who want to have a boudoir photography experience. Unlike the mini sessions, I don’t have a limitation on the available days or times so we can work together to find an ideal time for the both of us.

Portland brides, wives, girlfriends and fiancés would do well to consider this session as a gift for their lover. Clocking in at around 90 minutes with up to 3 looks, this boudoir photo shoot includes 5 images delivered via a mobile app. Additionally, this session also comes with a built-in 10% discount on my boudoir product pricing, so picking up an album or some luxury prints is nice and affordable.

Oregon Boudoir Photographer

Premium Session

My top of the line boudoir photography session is designed for the women out there that want to go all in for their boudoir experience. Similarly to the standard session, there are no limitations in regards to day or time on my premium sessions so we can find a time that works great for us both.

The premium boudoir experience is designed for women that really want to treat themselves or their lover to a variety of images that not only showcase their beauty, but that also tell a sexy story to their viewer. These intimate portraiture sessions will run up to 120 minutes, allowing time for as many as 5 different looks. Included with the session are 10 images delivered via my mobile app as well as a built-in 20% discount off my boudoir product pricing – making your sexy gifts an even better deal.

Portland Boudoir

So that is that. I just wanted to take a minute and sort of explain my new session and pricing options for those who have been thinking about booking with me or who have been following me and were curious about the new options. As always, if you have any questions about the sessions or anything else related to my boudoir photography please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask – I am usually really quick with replies and want to make sure that you questions are answered to your satisfaction.