Boudoir Resources

Resources to help you get the most out of your boudoir session

It is not lost on me that many of you have probably never done a boudoir shoot before. You are probably oozing with this confusing mix of excitement and nervousness, and I am here to help you know what you need to know and have what you need to have in order to get the most out of the boudoir or intimate portrait session. 


Your lingerie and wardrobe selection is one of the most important things that you have to consider prior to your boudoir or intimate portrait session. This is especially the case if you are not comfortable with nudity at all. Take a minute to have a look at our Lingerie Resources to see what you can do to make sure you are ready to rock when the time comes for your boudoir session.



General Boudoir RESOURCES


Three Points on Getting In The Right Mindset for Boudoir

As a boudoir photographer I often hear a lot of justifications from women (and men) about their body, their mindset, their lives as to why they must wait to do a boudoir shoot. It can be as simple as they have been wanting to lose weight and want to wait until they hit their target […]
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Boudoir Photography Portland

Stretch! Boudoir Is A Bigger Workout Than You Think

Why would you need to stretch before a photoshoot? Especially a boudoir shoot, you are just going to be laying around on a bed in your underwear, right? Wrong. You would be surprised at how many messages I get the next day, sometimes even days later about clients being sore from the posing that we […]
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The Importance of Printing Your Boudoir Images

In this day and age the number of images being taken on a daily basis is higher than it has ever been, but the interesting conundrum within all of this is that at the same time, more images than ever are going unseen – lost forever to a digital prison. This is not just true […]
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