Comfy Calvin Klein Vibes

Portland isn’t always full of nice weather this time of year, in fact I think we can all agree it is usually plenty of the dull dreary stuff. Lucky for us, on this gorgeous day in the studio the sun decided to shine for a bit and give some some beautiful¬†warm light into the studio. This session in particular was fun for me because we stepped out from the usual lacy lingerie for a bit and just rocked some jeans and Calvin Kleins.

This is just another great example of boudoir being what YOU need it to be. It is totally possible to rock out in jeans and CK’s and be every bit as sexy and empowered as the next gal in her lacy Victoria’s Secret setup. It’s not about what the other women are wearing, its about what you are wearing and what you feel comfy and sexy in. So don’t be intimidated by what you think you need to wear, wear what you like and the sexy will shine through!