As I have announced previously, I am soon to be leaving the Portland studio space that I have been using for the better part of the last two years at the end of this month. I've just grown tired of the location and its visual aesthetic. But a few ladies, including the gorgeous Cecila, have wanted to get some shoots in at the location before I lose my easy access to it, and this shoot was the result of that desire.

Cecilia is a strong and vibrant young woman with some incredible features. Upon entering the studio I knew that this was going to be a wonderful shoot. Everything came together so nicely, from the lighting, to the lingerie (Calvins!!!) and Cecilia's look. I am glad to have gotten the chance to utilize the Portland boudoir studio space so effectively for one of my last shoots there. 

As always, All of the images shared here have been done so with the permission of those pictured. If you have questions or concerns please get in touch.