The Wolf & The Fox

INTIMATE Portland, Oregon Couples Boudoir

I just realized that I have not shared any of the many couples sessions that I have been doing lately; in some cases because the couple doesn't want me to, but in others just because I have been busy and not gotten around to it. So today I wanted to remedy that and share this killer couples boudoir session that I did with Ashley and Keith.

Now this session was one of those that got rather hot, without ever actually crossing any lines into what I would consider to be my erotica sessions. However, it did get right up to that line, as you will see below, with it's heavy implied sexuality. In all, I love the raw emotion, and to real feeling that we were able to create with these images. You can see what they are feeling, you can almost feel it yourself, and that is exactly what I was going for with this session.

Enjoy this selection of images from the shoot!

As always, All of the images shared here have been done so with the permission of those pictured. If you have questions or concerns please get in touch.