K From Seattle

If you have been following me for any amount of time you would know how big of a proponent of in home boudoir sessions I am. I feel that the environment adds a ton of character to a boudoir session, and just takes it to another level. Which is why it makes me so happy when clients agree and make in-home shooting a priority. Which was the case with this shoot with K up in Seattle.

This was just your standard one bedroom apartment, much like my in home boudoir shoot with V here in Portland. I bring this up just to drive the point across that you don’t need some fancy ‘looks like its never been lived in’ modern home. But I am getting off topic, this post is about K, and sharing some of my favorite shots from our boudoir session.

That is all I am going to share from this session for now. It was such a pleasure to be able to meet up with K at her home in the Seattle area for this shoot. I always love visiting the Seattle area, despite that ridiculous traffic I always get stuck in on the way home. Stay on the lookout for more killer boudoir shoot showcases coming up!