Seductive Portland, Oregon BOUDOIR

It has been way, WAY too long since I posted a session here on the blog. I am currently in the middle of the busiest month (as far as boudoir photo work goes) that I have had since I moved to the Portland area almost 3 years ago. Which is not something I am complaining about, but it has certainly made keeping the website up to date a lower priority than usual.

However, I recently sent off this awesome session to Karmelle and she was kind enough to give me permission to share this selection of images on the blog here. I am so excited to share these incredibly sexy boudoir images with you all. This shoot was definitely out of the norm for Karmelle in terms of the raw sexiness that we went for with this shoot, so needless to say I was incredibly happy with the results here. She absolutely killed it, these images nailed the look we were going for in virtually every way.

But enough yapping about it from me, let's see those shots...

As always, All of the images shared here have been done so with the permission of those pictured. If you have questions or concerns please get in touch.  


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