While I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with some absolutely lovely and gorgeous women. The first of which that I will be sharing today is the lovely Mary. You see, her husband and the two of us have been trying to get together for over 2 years now, and we were finally able to make it happen and get me over to Atlanta. So of course we took advantage of some downtime to shoot.

Their loft was incredible and the light was perfect. Mary is also a photographer, so the pressure was on to produce, and boy did we ever – these were without a doubt some of my favorite shots of late. Mary was just such a pleasure to work with and her space was just perfect for my style of work. I couldn’t have asked for the shoot to go better.

I will be posting more from my adventures in Atlanta over the next few weeks. I really look forward to it because it was just a different scene than it is here in Portland, if that makes any sense. It was a great trip, but it was also a great reminder that the issues women deal with regarding self worth, owning their bodies,and embracing their sexuality – all of it, it all applies everywhere. Maybe even more so in other places than in a progressive-leaning place like Portland.

Definitely, looking forward to more traveling this year too. I have not posted yet, but I will be posting a travel notice for NYC at the end of October, so if you are around, or will be, and want to shoot. Get in touch!


  • Cheyenne Dean
    These are amazing! I love your boudoir photography! <3 Maybe I need to pay a visit to Portland for a session! :)
  • Laura
    Damn these are so hot! your boudoir photography is always my favorite. Next time I am in Portland you know that I am going to reach out to shoot together!
    • Totally going to hold you to that Laura :P