Three Points on Getting In The Right Mindset for Boudoir

As a boudoir photographer I often hear a lot of justifications from women (and men) about their body, their mindset, their lives as to why they must wait to do a boudoir shoot. It can be as simple as they have been wanting to lose weight and want to wait until they hit their target goal, or they just had a child and they are not feeling like their body is sexy.

We all make these sort of excuses and justifications for waiting to do something that we are uncomfortable with. But as natural of a reaction as this is, that doesn’t mean it is a good reaction to have. So today I am going to share with you three tips for getting yourself in the right mindset to stop making excuses and book your boudoir session.


Point 1: Stop Worrying About Other People and Their Thoughts, Focus on You

Oregon Boudoir

It is easy to think about how other people would react when having a look at your boudoir session images. This makes it easy to get ultra-critical of your body and appearance, but I am here to let you in on a little secret. Chances are that no one will even see these images of yours unless you specifically show them or happen to give me permission to share them. So really, the only person that you need to be concerned with is yourself, and guess what, regardless of how you feel about yourself in this moment, a boudoir shoot with me will help you see yourself in a way you probably have not seen yourself before.

Plus, since you control the sharing, what have you got to lose? If you really do hate them at the end of the day (which I might add, has never happened with one of my clients) you can just keep them out of the public eye.

Point 2: Goals Are Great, But So Is Progress

This isn’t the only goal that may prevent you (in your head) from doing a boudoir shoot. But this is a common one, so I will use the example again. Let’s say you are working out, toning up, and want to get to a target weight of 130lbs. This is a perfectly fine goal for yourself and your body, but to truly practice self-love, you should also be focused on loving your body as it is from day to day, not always focusing on some distant goal down the road.

One way to help yourself do this is by getting a ‘before’ boudoir shoot done. Let me help you see yourself as the beautiful, gorgeous, sexy person that you are right now – and then down the line when you do eventually hit your goal, you can appreciate your new look even more, and get a discounted boudoir shoot to done to show off the progress you have made on yourself and your body.

Point 3: My Sessions Are Judgment Free, From Every Angle

I know this sort of goes in line with Point 1, but I have had women hold off on doing a shoot because they were worried about my thoughts on their body, their wardrobe, their home or any other number of things. But guess what – I don’t care about any of that… at least not in the sense that I would be judging you or looking down on you in any way. My job is to help build you up, and I wouldn’t be very good at that if I was running around being a judgmental asshole. I’ve shot with women who thought they were too big or too thin to shoot with me, I’ve shot with women who only had a few items of clothing that could be deemed sexy, I’ve shot with women who felt like their one-bedroom apartment was too basic, I’ve shot with women who thought their comfort level was too tame for my work, and guess what?

They all had great shoots, great experiences and came away feeling better about themselves because of it. I won’t judge you because of your appearance, your wardrobe, your home, your comfort level, or anything else. I am here to help you look and feel sexy and be a friend, my sessions are judgment free, 100%.

So — what is your excuse for holding off on continuing your self-love journey with a sexy boudoir session? What can you do here in the closing days of 2017 to get over that mental roadblock? Think on it and then contact me to set up a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.