Walking The Walk

OK, I am always asking my clients for permission to share images online to help promote my work and my business. It is easy to forget how nerve racking and terrifying that idea can be, to have your bare or mostly bare body out in public (regardless of how likely it is that someone you know will see it). One of my mentors in boudoir photography, Jen Rozenbaum, is always talking about walking the walk and doing boudoir yourself as a photographer to keep yourself grounded and reminding yourself of what your clients go through at a shoot.

So I didn’t go have pictures done, but after a recent shoot I decided to do some boudoir selfies of myself. I almost didn’t want to share these, because… yeah, but Jen reminded me about how important it is. Plus, how could I in good conscience ask my clients to be willing to let me share images if I was not willing to share them myself.

So here we go, no judgement! lol

I also don’t really shoot men much, but maybe I should. This style seems to work well with the male form.