You Can Now Book Me Instantly, Here On My Website!

I’ve been working on something that I think is rather exciting these last few days and it is finally ready for you all to take advantage of. There is now no longer any need for phone tag or endless back and forth emails to book a session with me. If you know what you want you are ready to book you can now do so directly from my website here, without any hassle or time waiting for me to check my schedule.

Now if you simply navigate to my pricing page you can choose which session type you wish to book, and upon clicking the ‘book now’ button you are take to a page with a calendar that displays my availability for those sessions. Select a day and time that works for you and go through the checkout process. Once complete your session will be booked and you will receive a series of emails with my pre-session prep as well as my standard boudoir session contract. Just sign and date the contract, return it, and you are all set.

Just show up on the day and time you selected and we will have a great shoot!

But of course if you still prefer to have a pre-shoot consultation before committing to a booked session I am still happy to accommodate. This new system is meant for people who don’t have any questions and know what and when they want to book. If you prefer to still schedule a free consultation you can do so on my booking page, where you just tell me a little about yourself. Then I follow up with you via phone and then we find a time that is convenient for the two of us to meet up for a coffee or skype session to discuss boudoir, my style, my process, and for me to answer any questions that you may have.