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The Couples Boudoir Process

My couples Boudoir Process

It is totally okay if you do not know what to expect with your couples boudoir shoot; honestly the great majority of my clients have not done this before. Naturally you are likely a little curious about how the whole process works, what happens when and all that jazz.

Well, this is right where you want to be if that is the case, below you can find my entire process, broken down into three sections; Pre-Shoot items, Shoot items, and After Shoot items. If you still find yourself having questions after having a look at this page please reach out – I’ll be happy to answer your questions about my couples boudoir photography.

The Couples Boudoir Process - Boudoir Photography Portland


Booking & Scheduling

As you might expect; everything begins with the booking process. When you are ready to submit your booking inquiry with me you will go to my booking page. This is where you will be greeted by my booking form, which will ask you some basic questions about yourself and how/when best to contact you.

Once you submit this booking form you will be taken to my thank-you page, which will have some details and links that may be relevant to you and your session; such as booking a consultation call with me to get your questions answered. In addition to being taken to that thank-you page, you will be sent an email which will contain a link to my shoot details questionnaire.

This questionnaire is your opportunity to tell me about your boudoir session; everything from when you are wanting to schedule your shoot, to why you are interested in booking the shoot, to what sort of end products/deliverables you are interested in. Once I receive this information I will get in touch with you either for the consultation call that you have scheduled with me, or to discuss your session date/time.

Once we have had a chance to get your questions answered, discussed available dates, and confirmed we are all on the same page I will send you your official session proposal. Contained within this proposal will be your couples boudoir contract, which protects both you and I, and an invoice along with any applicable payment plan laid out for you to see. If everything looks good, then you will sign the contract and pay the invoice.

After both of those steps are completed you are officially booked with Anthony Thurston Boudoir. Ideally the whole booking process will be done within 24-48 hours, once we begin, but you can totally take your time to figure things out – there is absolutely no rush.

Couples Session Prep

Getting your session booked is just the beginning; now let’s talk a little about the sort of preparation and guidance that I provide leading up to your couples boudoir session with me.

We have already noted that the majority of you have probably never done anything like this before, and knowing this I have put together a series of emails to help you get prepared for your session with me. These emails will cover topics like hair and makeup, lingerie and styling, posing, stretching, mental exercises and more.

I am a firm believer that the amount of preparation put into a shoot directly correlates to how successful the shoot is; and so I have developed these emails to help my clients be the best prepared couples boudoir clients ever. If there is enough time, you should expect to receive at least one of these session prep emails each week leading up to your session with me.

Additionally, you will also recieve both a copy of my image usage addendum, which is a quick questionnaire in which you can let me know how and if you are comfortable with me using any images from your session; and my boundaries and comfort level disclosure, which is a questionnaire in which I have you let me know what your comfort level and boundaries are for the shoot. This just helps me get a better idea of what kind of poses and themes you may be interested in during your session.

As well, during the days, weeks, or months leading up to your session if you happen to have any questions or concerns I am always available to answer your questions and help you get your concerns addressed.

The Couples Boudoir Process - Boudoir Photography Portland

The Shoot

Arrival & Getting Ready

The big day is finally here; you’ve done all of your shoot prep and are ready to rock your session. I will usually arrive at the shoot location (be that your home, or another location) 5-10 minutes ahead of the scheduled shoot time. This is to give me time to get all of my gear ready to go, have a look at the space and your wardrobe options, and just generally have a quick chat with you about how you’re feeling and to check-in.

At this point we will usually discuss any ideas that you and your partner have regarding the shoot, any concerns you may have, and I will talk about what I have in mind in the space we are in.


The flow and posing of my couples sessions is slightly different from that of my regular sessions. During my couples sessions I will give the two of you prompts and ideas; but allow you to freely play around with those as I document the two of you being in that intimate space together.

I really want the images that we capture to be true to the two of you and your relationship; so your input and ideas will be crucial during the time when we are discussing what prompts and ideas we move forward with during the shooting.


After all is said and done, and we have finished shooting you will have the option to go through some of the images with me for my optional same day viewing service. Many photographers out there would die at the idea of showing their clients unedited images on the back of their camera right after a shoot, no time to get rid of bad shots or clean up any blemishes.

But I understand that being able to have a look at the images right away is a great way to help you see for yourself how well the shoot has gone. The one caveat is just that you need to understand that not every image will be a keeper and that the images are very much no finished. (In fact, any images you see same day will also be black and white; I don’t do any color edits until after I get home)

If you don’t want to opt for the same day viewing then I will bid you farewell after the shoot and will be in touch 5-10 days following the session with your gallery.

The Couples Boudoir Process - Boudoir Photography Portland

After The Shoot

Processing & Editing

Once I get home I begin my process of culling, which is the act of widdling down the images that I took at the session down to a number that you can easily go through in a gallery. My goal here is to really make sure that only the best images from the session end up in your gallery.

My editing process is pretty simple. I do a basic 75% edit to all of the images that are included in your gallery (things like tone, contrast, light, shadow); and I don’t put the ‘finishing touches’ (things like skin cleanup) until after you select your favorites. Once your have selected your favorites and have placed your product order, I will go through and finish editing the images you selected.

Online Viewing

Your private online gallery will be available for 2 weeks; during which time you may take as long as you need to decide which images you like from the session. This is also the time to start thinking about what sort of products you may be wanting to purchase (if you have not decided that already).

The gallery is not public, only you and I will have the link and you will need to enter your email address before you will be able to enter the gallery. Inside you will find your images; you can select as many favorites as you like.

Product Ordering

Once you have settled on your favorite images from the session, you will be able to order the products you are interested in. I offer everything from mobile app upgrades and digital downloads, to large canvas prints and albums. What you decide to order is totally up to you.

Generally, once payment is received your product order will be put in within the week, and will be ready for pickup within the next 4 weeks. The depends on the time of year, how busy the lab is, and how many other orders I need to work on. That said, 4 weeks is usually a worst case guideline, and you will see your items much faster than that.


The final piece to my boudoir photography process is to send you a quick questionnaire to get your feedback on how things went. I am always striving to improve and make things better/easier for my clients and one way I have been able to do that is by the direct feedback you give me here.

The questionnaire is totally optional, but it is greatly appreciated if you take the few moments to fill it out. After this you are totally done and you have gone through the full boudoir photography process with me!