In addition to my standard boudoir photography, I am also comfortable offering intimate erotica photography services to individuals and couples interested in it. 


Erotica is a bit of a scary term for a lot of people, but let me assure you that there is nothing scary about this. My erotica sessions are for those individuals or couples who want to take things further than where my standard boudoir sessions will go. Unlike my boudoir photography which relies heavily on mystery and implied sexual themes; Erotica still plays by those rules, but doesn't shy away from getting graphic. I shoot in a way to try and illustrate the passion and emotion of the occasion.

My primary goal is and always will be an artistic representation of your erotic story; not mindless, soulless penetration closeups or graphic nudity without a purpose. As well, we will spend an extensive bit of time covering boundaries, both yours and mine, to ensure we are all on the same page about what you are looking for, and what you are comfortable with. All boundaries are set ahead of the shoot in writing and are not modified once shooting begins.
$ 299
What You Get
5 Digital Images  Via Mobile App
Erotic Shoot Tailored To Your Needs/Wants
Pre-Shoot Consultation & Post-Shoot Image Reveal
I'll Come To You, No Travel Charge Within The Greater Portland Area
$ 449
what you get
5 Digital Images  Via Mobile App, One For Each Of You
Erotic Shoot Tailored To Your Needs/Wants
Pre-Shoot Consultation & Post-Shoot Image Reveal
I'll Come To You, No Travel Charge Within The Greater Portland Area

My Erotica Portfolio

Sadly, beyond a very limited selection of images, most of my erotica portfolio is limited to my private portfolio, which I can only show you in person at our pre-shoot consultation. This is to protect my other clients, which surely you can likely understand not wanting this sort of graphic content out in public. If you take a look at my boudoir portfolio you will be able to get a good vibe on my artistic style, your erotica shoot would be shot very similarly - just with less left to the imagination over the course of the shoot. 
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Quick Erotica FAQ

Do You Shoot Full On Sex?
Well, it is not THAT simple of an answer. But yes, I am comfortable photographing real sexual encounters between consenting adults. The level of graphic imagery that is captured is entirely up to you and will be discussed at your consult. 

Do You Shoot Same Sex Erotica?
Yes, I very much welcome same sex couples.

Will You Share My Erotica Images?
No. I take client privacy seriously for both my boudoir and erotica services. I do not share any erotica session images in public at all. period. If you are kinds enough to let me use a few shots in my private portfolio the would be great, but even that is not required at all. Your erotica session is 100% between you and I only unless you say otherwise. 

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