Review: Artisan Obscura Soft Release

I have been eyeing Artisan Obscura and their various hotshoe and soft release accessories for some time now, but for the longest time I just couldn’t justify the cost of their kit ($55 for the matching hotshoe and soft release) which are purely aesthetic upgrades for my X-Pro2. How ever that changed for me this past week with my tax returns coming back and my choice to be an adult and payoff 3 credit cards instead of buying a new lens. This meant that my ‘tax return gift’ to myself had to be minimal this year.

I happened to get an email about a special sale from Artisan Obscura and I decided to finally bite the bullet and get what I have been eyeing for so long now. I ended up not getting the hotshe cover, though I may cave now and get it as well. But today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Artisan Obscura soft release that I received an my thoughts on using it so far.

Artisan Obscura Soft Release Review
Thank you note and Soft Release Box

First I wanted to touch on the packaging. The shipping container itself was nothing more than a padded envelope, however the nice box and note inside really were a nice touch to the experience. The box is made of this nice recycled paper with the Artisan Obscura logo stamped on the lid. Inside of the box there is a wood insert that gives the whole box some weight and within that box you find a packet with o-rings and your soft release. Overall I was very happy and impressed with the presentation and packaging here.

In terms of installing the soft release, I purchased the small convex argyle styled release. I feel like it looks great and adds a touch of accent color and class to my already snazzy X-Pro2. The instillation process was easy enough, I just used one of the small o-rings included with the packet and then screwed in the soft release into the release thread on the X-Pro2’s shutter release. Voila’ it was simple as that.

Shooting the X-Pro2 with the Artisan Obscura soft release is nothing special, or what I guess I mean is that it has been fine and not gotten in my way at all. As I noted above, for me this is really more of an asthetic choice and I wasn’t looking for it to improve my shooting experience at all. That said, it is for sure a little easier to press the shutter now with the more defined release button.

Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and am looking forward to trying to get my hands on the matching hotshoe cover to really help my kit stand out from the crowd and give it a bit of accent color. If you are looking for a nice way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your camera than I highly recommend giving Artisan Obscura a look!

You can find them over on their website, here.