Fujifilm X-T10 Camera Bundle

It is no secret that I am a Fujifilm fan. It started with my X-T1, and continues now with my primary camera, the X-Pro 2. I receive questions all the time asking about what Fuji camera someone should get, or what the best X-series deal currently is. Well, today I decided to share a killer deal for those of you interested in getting into the Fuji X-Series system.

The Fuji X-T10 is the little brother to the X-T10. It features a similar, yet different, SLR-styling with a slightly more boxy look (in my opinion). When if was first announced it had some new feature upgrades that the X-T1 did not, but all (or most of the significant ones I believe) have since been added to the X-T1 through firmware upgrades. The X-T10 features Fuji’s legendary 16MP X-Trans sensor, and of course, complete compatibility with the full range of Fuji X-Series lenses.

The Deal

Fuji has announced a deal that all Fuji-interested photographers should consider. They are offering the amazing X-T10, along with their XC 16-50mm and XC 50-230mm lenses. This killer kit/bundle deal is just $899 too, a cool $200 off the normal price for this bundle, and a great deal when you consider the X-T120 by itself is usually $799 on its own. That means you are getting two great starter lenses for your new Fuji kit for just an extra $100.

Back when the X-T10 first came out I wrote about it over on SLR Lounge. You can read that here, if you are interested in more of my opinions on the camera.

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