My Fujifilm X70 Review Is Up

As I alluded to in my last post, this weekend I was able to complete my Fujifilm X70 review. It’s such a fun little camera, I highly recommend trying it out if you are in the market for that sort of camera.

In this modern world of high-resolution smartphone cameras, one would not be wrong to wonder how much of a place there is left in the world for compact point-n-shoot cameras.Camera companies are trying to combat this line of thought by launching newer high-end point-n-shoot models that push the boundaries of what we thought was possible from that level of camera.

The Fujifilm X70 is one of these high-end point-n-shoots that aims to offer the convenience of a small form factor with image quality that rivals its interchangeable lens cousins. Let’s find out if it meets those lofty goals, keep reading for a quick snippet from my full review:

Photographer: Anthony Thurston
Taken with the Fujifilm X70

“I was really not sure of what to expect from the X70 going into this review. I had used the Sony RX100 series cameras before, as well as Canon’s G7x and generally liked the outstanding image quality I was able to get out of these small and compact bodies. The biggest concerns I had going into the review was whether or not the 18.5mm lens would be too limiting and if the lack of an EVF would make the camera a pain to use in the direct sun.

I received answers to both of those concerns.”

You can continue reading my Fujifilm X70 review here, it’s full of sample images, a breakdown of the camera’s pros and cons, a complete tour of the design, and of course – my full opinion after having used it extensively for several weeks.

Let’s play a game. Comment below with you thoughts on the X70 before reading my review, then comment on the review post after reading the review and checking out the sample images. I am curious how many of you will have your minds changed, one way or the other, after reading my post.


  • Dennis Linden
    Ok, I'm back. Good review. I guess I fall a bit further from the tree. I really struggled with the EVF in the bright sun, perhaps it's my age or visual acuity. I actually purchased an OVF but found it unsatisfactory, it was almost harder to compose with than the screen, and clearly the edges of the composition would only ever be approximated. I used it for about 1 month before dispatching it. I found battery life was less than "average" for my experience with the X20, for example. I do print large-ish R3000 Epson, and I was disappointed that resolution was not sufficiently better than what I achieve from an m43 sensor camera of recent manufacture. I also have a great test for the AA less features - photograph a moving walkway, or an escalator from above. I was quite disappointed in the amount of moire in my photos, and PP suppression didn't solve any problems. (m43 w/o AA don't fare any better and Lumix noise reduction in jpeg can actually be much worse) Finally, the 18.5 (sorry for first reference to 17.5) lens was wider than I would like for street shooting - the 23 would probably not fly given the x100 line - but again, not sharp enough for landscapes once printed larger. It was a finely crafted camera, but not quite up to the x100 standard. Cheers.
  • Dennis Linden
    I might be biased because I have already sold my X70 and returned the OVF... I say it doesn't meet the needs of my style of photography because of the lack of a useful OVF or EVF. There was nothing wrong with the 17.5mm lens, but it was too soft for landscape work. So. on to your review.