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Initial Impressions on Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 Version 3.0 Firmware Update

So last week Fujifilm announced that they would be releasing firmware version 3.0 for the X-Pro2, and this morning many of us awoke to find that the new firmware had dropped and is now available for download. Naturally, being the impatient guy that I am, I of course downloaded and installed the update as soon as I had it.

In this post I just wanted to talk a little bit about my experience with the update so far, and some of the quirks that I have already noticed with a few of the new feature upgrades. But before I get into specifics, let’s just go over a few of the feature upgrades that I was most excited about.

In no particular order, I was incredibly excited about the ability to now set copyright EXIF information in the camera. This is something that is technically easily done in Lightroom, but that I never bothered to take the time to do, plus this way now even the SOOC jpegs will have correct copyright information in the EXIF which is great news. I was also very excited to see that the X-Pro2 would be getting a limited version of the AF-C mode setting that the X-T2 has. I am someone who enjoy shooting action and sports in my free time, and while I would never claim the X-Pro2 to be a sports camera, this update looks to make it better in that regard.

Additionally, I have been making a ton of use of the face/eye detection feature lately and I was so excited to see that with this new firmware update the X-Pro2 would now be able to utilize its Phase Detection AF with the face/eye detection. This is a great upgrade that should make that whole feature faster and more accurate (not that it was a slouch before). Finally, to the last of the features that I was most exicted to see up front, I was so glad to see that RAW capture would now be able to be used along with the Film Bracketing. You see I always shoot RAW+JPEG and I have always wanted to shoot with the Film Bracketing to get some more SOOC Jpeg options but until now you could only do the Film Bracketing if you were not capturing RAW files at all.

X-Pro2 Verision 3.00 Firmware Update Impressions

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Upgraded to Firmware Version 3.00

Which leads me into my actual first impressions on this firmware update. Starting with that Film Bracketing feature, it works exactly as intended – but at the same time I will not be using it. You see, when you have that turned on, rather than the camera capturing one RAW file and then exporting 3 film simulated JPEGs, the camera actually gives you 3 RAWS and 3 JPEGS. So effectively, you are getting six (6) versions of the same exact shot. If you are shooting on huge SD cards this may not be an issue for you, but I don’t, and I also don’t need 3 versions of the same RAW file. Lightroom doesn’t retain the film simulation information upon import anyway, so if I wanted to use them as three separate RAWs I would have to go in and manually set each one to the film simulation myself – which defeats the point.

In my opinion the camera should give you just one RAW file, I really don’t understand the point of giving us multiples. It would be nice if in the next firmware update we are given the option to tweak this setting. But, this is a personal preference thing, technically the feature appears to work exactly as intended -even if it is a bit of a head scratcher.

In terms of the other features, given that it is still the day of launch, I can’t honestly say I have used every feature to their full extent. I have take a moment to setup my copyright information, which was simple an worked great. As well, I did test the AF on the kids running around in my dark living room, and it felt a bit faster and more accurate that before. As well, the face/eye detection worked like a charm. So all is good there as well.

Also, and most importantly, I have not had any issues with my camera at all since installing the firmware update. I know that this is always a scary thing for people, since a borked firmware can brick your camera – but rest assured, in my case at least everything appears to be running perfectly and no issues have been experienced.

If you are looking for the update you can find it over on the Fujifilm website, here.


  • John “Colby” C
    Anthony Love you articles and recently found your website. Have you checked out the JB X_LR plugin? IT allows you to extract and set raws to the film simulation you originally shot with.
    • Hey John! You know I have heard if it in passing, but have not actually given it a try myself yet. Maybe I will do that - it would certainly make the RAW issue a little less frustrating (though that wouldn't solve the issue of using 3x the storage space for one image)
  • Lester Ng
    I upgraded to v3.0 fro my x-pro2. My iso "L" and "H" no longer work. L only gives me iso 200. Wondering if you have this problem.
    • I never use those, so I have not noticed. Let me check.
  • Thanks for sharing and thank you Fuji for the update. The only thing I was waiting for was the update from 30s to 15m in T mode. I won't shoot/expose 15 minutes but anything longer than 30s is a win. Regarding the bracketing / RAW-save thing... when I started reading your blogpost the first thing I wanted to ask you was "will the camera save 3 jps and 1 raw" because that's what makes sense but then... oh boy, 3 raw files for no reason... maybe they'll fix it in fw v3.01! Exif / copyright information is nice. I had this feature like 5 years ago on my Canon but okay, there you go. Anything regarding AF is not important to me because I mostly shoot old manual lenses and the AF is already good. I am going to check that update out right now! Cheers, Stephan
    • I rarely use long exposures personally, but I agree that addition is really nice as well! Thanks for stopping bye!