Some Initial Thoughts On
The fujifilm x-pro2 v5 Firmware Update

Should You Update Your X-Pro2 To The LAtest Firmware? 

Late last night Fujifilm finally announced the availability of the long-awaited version 5.0 firmware update for my workhorse camera, the X-Pro2. This update was originally announced several months ago and was supposed to be launched last month, but due to issues with the firmware initially released to the X-H1 and X-T2, Fujifilm decided to hold off on the X-Pro2 update while they fixed the updates with those other cameras. So here we are, most of the way through July, and we now have a new update to look at on the X-Pro2.

It is a little crazy for me to think that the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01A8DUR74′ text=’X-Pro2′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’56f45d19-8b80-11e8-baf8-e14b8147bc1f’] is now on version 5 of its firmware, the camera has been my daily driver for going on three years. But this new update brings with it some improvements that I have been waiting for; namely some nice AF improvements, Flicker reduction, and other things.

  1. Enlarged and customizable indicators or information
    The upgrade allows users to enlarge indicators and information in the viewfinder and/or LCD monitor. This upgrade will also enable users to customize the location of where the information is shown on the display.
  2. Addition of “Flicker Reduction”
    For enhancing the quality of indoor sports photography, the upgrade allows users to reduce flicker in pictures and the display when shooting under fluorescent lighting and other similar light sources.
  3. Addition of “Select Folder” and “Create Folder”
    Enable to choose the folder in which subsequent pictures will be stored. And also enable to enter a five-character folder name to create a new folder in which to store subsequent pictures.
  4. Enhanced Phase Detection AF
    Latest updates to the AF algorithm provide the following performance enhancements
    1) The low-light limit for phase detection autofocus has been improved by approximately 1.5 stops from 0.5EV to -1.0EV, raising the precision and speed of autofocus in low-light environments.
    2) The range at minimum aperture has been expanded from F8 to F11. For example, even when using the XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR with the tele converter XF2X TC WR, phase detection autofocus can now be used.
    3) Major improvements have been made to the AF-C performance while operating the zoom, which provides major benefits when shooting sports and other scenarios in which the subjects moves unpredictably.
    4) Finely-detailed surface textures of wild birds and wild animals can now be captured at high speed and with high precision as a result of improvement in phase detection autofocus.
  5. New functions are added to store and read of camera settings by FUJIFILM X Acquire.
    Once connecting a camera to a computer via USB cable, the “FUJIFILM X Acquire” allows users to backup/restore camera settings to/from a file. With “FUJIFILM X Acquire” (ver.1.7 or newer), CUSTOM REGISTRATION/EDIT settings are also stored and read.

How to Update your Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware to v5

Fujifilm Firmware Update

Thankfully, since Fujifilm so often updates and makes their cameras better over time, they have developed an incredibly simple method for upgrading the firmware on their X-Series cameras. The [amazon_textlink asin=’B01A8DUR74′ text=’X-Pro2′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5e32c422-8b80-11e8-8f35-0f7c8cb84c25′] is no different and the process to get your camera updated to firmware version 5 is incredibly simple. But the first step, you need to get the update, so head on over to the Fujifilm website and download the firmware update, once you do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Format an SD card with your X-Pro2
  2. Put the downloaded firmware file from your computer onto the SD card
  3. Put SD card back into your X-Pro2 (while the camera is off)
  4. Turn the camera back on while holding the disp/back button
  5. Press ‘Camera’ on the firmware update menu
  6. Press Ok to begin the update
  7. Once the update is over, turn the camera off (do NOT turn it off before the camera tells you it is ready to be turned off)
  8. Turn your camera back on and reformat the SD card again
  9. Your camera is now updated to firmware version 5 and you’re ready to go

Initial Impressions on the X-Pro2 v5 Firmware Update

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I have spent much of the morning here playing around with my [amazon_textlink asin=’B01A8DUR74′ text=’X-Pro2′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’687f7c5b-8b80-11e8-80bd-4769ad788315′] since upgrading the firmware to version 5 and so I wanted to share some of my initial impressions on the firmware update for those of you who may be wondering if it’s worth taking the time to update or not. First off, let me say that I have not noticed any issues with the camera since upgrading. There have not been any performance issues and I have not had any weird glitches or problems with my menu or functions. So that is good. You would hope that would be the case, but as those initial [amazon_link asins=’B01I3LNMAM’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’79e537f9-8b80-11e8-b57b-bf9cb83b9f78′]X-T2 and X-H1 firmware updates showed, it is simply not always the case. So I am happy to report that, for me at least, there have been no issues with this firmware update up to this point.

Now in terms of the performance improvements and features that this firmware update brings to the X-Pro2. In terms of the AF performance, I have not noticed a huge improvement, but then again I was already very happy with the AF performance on my X-Pro2. I’ve also admittedly not used the camera this morning in a situation where the AF improvements would be the most apparent (such as a sporting event). However, I will say that the camera was able to track and maintain focus on my 5yr old son running around my yard in an erratic fashion quite well… so take that for what you will. I will also say that the face detection AF seems to be working a little better as well. I often make use of this feature when I am shooting portraits, so it’s nice to see it getting some benefit from these AF improvements.

One feature that I have not been able to test out much yet is the new flicker reduction functionality, which is actually something that I have run into issues within the past during shoots. I could be shooting in a gym or in a hotel room and the lighting would sometimes cause issues with the consistency of the exposure at higher shutter speeds. I remember back when I was testing out the [amazon_textlink asin=’B079PTRNKK’ text=’X-H1′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7186e2ca-8b80-11e8-9354-95f383549e6a’] I found this feature to be really helpful in those situations, so I am happy to see it here on the X-Pro2. If it works as well as it did on the X-H1, and I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t, then this is a very welcome addition to the X-Pro2.

Anyways, I have some more testing and such to do with the X-Pro2 and this firmware update before some shooting this weekend. So I am going to get back to it, I just wanted to take a quick break and share some of my initial impressions with this latest firmware as I know some of you will be interested in whether or not you should update today.

Some recent images taken with my X-Pro2
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  • Jay
    Very dissapointed Fujifilm didn’t include focus stacking. For me that would have made this the perfect all round camera.
  • Ricardo Quindere
    I don’t find much difference in focus with my X-Pro2 and the XF23F2. However I find a noticeable difference with the XF35F1.4. It is not as fast as the 23F2, but now, the 35F1.4 hunts much less. In some situations it seems almost instantly, whereas before I’d had to try once or twice. It seems that I got a new lens for free. I’m not sure, ’cause I didn’t test yet. But by analogy, I’m expecting that the old lens, in special the XF23F1.4 and the XF56F1.2, will get a noticeable and good improvement in focus.
  • I don’t find much difference in focus with my X-Pro2 and the 16-55 F 2.8 lens; however I find a dramatic difference when shooting birds with my xf 100-400 lens. With that lens focus is acquired almost instantly whereas before one often had to try a few times, especially with small birds.
  • I was excited to read that Fuji had finally implemented an ability to create and select folders, but have come away frustrated. Up until now, there was no easy way to delete photos from a given day, for example, like you can with a Pentax K1. All photos on the X-Pro2 are lumped together, so you have to delete them individually. So hurray, there is a new feature to create and select new folders. The problem is, it doesn't work like that and may not be working correctly at all. I created a new folder and added some photos. So far so good. But if you go back and try to "select folder" the menu item is not enabled. It is grayed out. Some more instructions would be helpful. Even so, I still would like a folder structure to be apparent in playback mode so that you can delete or copy all photos in a particular folder, rather than the current one at a time method. Something's not quite right.
  • Eric Cochrane
    Anthony thanks for response - afraid it was my clumsy fingers at fault - in the cold weather had managed to accidentally switch on advanced filters which where set at toy effect and once that was switched of all fell back into place.
  • Eric Cochrane
    Just updated my Xpro2 to Firmware 5 - all went well for about 100 frames then the OVF went blurry - sharp in parts and blurry elsewhere - top and bottom blurry - and can't now switch to OVF. The downloaded photo shows same blurring. When I take a photo the EVF brings up a message - STORING. Have tried switching lenses and SD card all to no effect . Maybe I have accidentally pressed something. Have you tested your update to more than 100 frames Anthony? I hoping that I have missed something.
    • I have, no issues like what you describe.


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