Some New Toys

As a self-professed gear head (sorta goes with the ‘reviewer’ territory) I am always looking for fun new tech to try out. This weekend I got some new Yongnuo toys to play with, the YN-560 TX and YN-560 IV. Now, these are not the same Yongnuo manual-only dummy speedlights¬†you are thinking of.

Well, they are still manual, but without the annoyingness of having to walk over to them to change the power. the YN-560 TX control unit mounts to my Fuji X-Pro 2 (or any other camera with a standard hot-show for that matter) and it allows me to change the power on my YN-560 IV speedlight thanks to a wireless connection. I am super excited to play with these over the next couple weeks and see what I can do with them, but for now, here are a few product shots I took of the units.

Yongnuo YN-560 TX Fujifilm

Yongnuo YN-560 IV Fujifilm