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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Version 4.00 // Initial Thoughts & Reaction

Yesterday Fujifilm (Finally!) released the X-Pro2 update that we have all been waiting for, Firmware version 4.00. Inside of this update, which as the version number would indicate is the 4th major update to the X-Pro2, comes some huge improvements ; like 4K video and doubled AF speed and tracking.

Needless to say, as the modern Fujifilm adage goes, it’s almost like you are getting a new camera – and in this case it is hard to argue otherwise. When is the last time that a camera brand added 4K video recording to a camera that previously did not have it in a free firmware update? the answer is never, to my knowledge… certainly not in a consumer accessible camera like the X-Pro2.

Anyways, I usually like to give my thoughts on these firmware updates and rather than rushing to get one out yesterday I decided to give this update a full day before sharing my thoughts. So here we are. Let’s get into it.


Initial Impressions on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Version 4.00 Update

Ok, so I am going to focus this on the two biggest things added in this update which is the 4K video and the AF improvements. I had a chance to play with both and I have to say, I am really impressed. Granted, I had no trouble with the AF previously as my subjects aren’t usually moving fast enough that the AF has any issues.

I shot the X-Pro2 tracking my 4 yr old son as he ran around the dimly lit house and outside in the yard. In both situations the camera performed much better than I have considered it to in the past when trying to capture images of my son being a human hurricane. I didn’t plan ahead enough to test the AF with the old firmware directly before upgrading, so I don’t have any apples to apples comparisons. But based on my impressions with use over the last day I feel confident in saying that the AF is definitely a notch or two better than it was before in terms of speed and tracking. So cool!

Now that the AF business is out of the way, let’s talk about the 4K video. WOW. I’m gonna let this one speak for itself for a minute…

Now, I am not a video guy (even though I love it) so you will have to forgive the shaky hand held footage. That said, I think that even through that you can see the quality here is good as far as the video quality goes. Here is another example of that creek footage, which I stabilized in post and downsampled to 1440p (QHD, 2560×1440). I think it looks pretty good, definitely ‘good enough’ for me and my uses.

I plan on making more use of the X-Pro2 video here in the future and will definitely have some better samples here in the coming days and weeks. So stay tuned for that.

But overall, initial impressions are that Fuji has killed it again and really done their users proud with a killer update to a camera that most other manufacturers would have just saved for the next generation body.

Thanks Fujifilm!