My First Action with the Fujifilm X100F

So I have had the Fujifilm X100F for about a week  now and I have not had any time to write up my full initial impressions just yet. That said, I have had some time to play with the camera and I wanted to take a quick opportunity to share some of what I have done with the camera to this point. It’s not my usual fair, but I have very much enjoyed using the X100F for the time I have had it, and I look forward to making use of it on some actual shoots later this week!

Lets start with some SOOC jpegs from a stroll over the weekend with my youngest. As always, I was shooting with the Acros G film simulation (honestly, I rarely every shoot with anything else without a specific reason.).

Then on Sunday I took a day trip to the coast with a friend and we played around with the X100F as well. It was honestly way colder than we were expecting it to be, especially with the wind blowing, so we didn’t get the shots we were hoping for, but we did get some fun looks with the X100F. These shots are processed.

Anyways, I hope to have some more complete thoughts and such ready to go sooner than later. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping bye!