EROTIC Boudoir

The Essence of Passion & Sexuality, Going Well Beyond Standard Boudoir
This page is now out of date! 
I recently moved my erotic boudoir photography under it's own brand, Lustworxxx. For details on the sessions, pricing  and services available head over to the Lustworxxx website to learn more. 


Erotic Boudoir, Erotic Intimates; you may know as Erotica, can be a bit of a scary term for many of people, but let me assure you that there is nothing scary about this. My intimate sessions are for those individuals or couples who want to take things further than where my standard boudoir sessions will go. Unlike my boudoir photography which relies heavily on mystery and implied sexual themes; Erotica still plays by those rules, but doesn't shy away from getting graphic. I shoot in a way to try and illustrate the passion and emotion of the occasion. 
My primary goal is and always will be an artistic representation of your erotic story. As well, we will spend an extensive bit of time covering boundaries, both yours and mine, to ensure we are all on the same page about what your desires, and what you are comfortable with.

All boundaries are set ahead of the shoot in writing and are not modified once shooting begins. This is to protect both you and I. 


Erotic Boudoir is a fun, passionate, intimate experience that, quite frankly, is probably unlike anything you have ever done photographically. It shares a lot in common with my standard boudoir work, but as previously noted, it goes much farther than that.


Looking for some erotic images of yourself; maybe just for some fun self love or as a gift for your partner? 



Looking for some erotic images of you and a partner (or two); these shoots are a blast!



As you might expect, given the intimate, graphic, and private nature of this sort of work; It takes special people to be willing to allow me to use their images to help me promote myself. A selection of images from various shoots I've done can be seen below, with more available on the full portfolio page. 

Unlike my erotic boudoir portfolio, which is a collection of images from various erotic shoots that I have done, my erotic series gives you a glance at how a single erotic shoot with me can look. Huge thank you to the couples and individuals who have been brave enough to allow me to feature their session in this section.