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Portland, Oregon Boudoir

A Few Words From Louise

The following is a blog post that was sent to me by Louise who had a shoot with me this past weekend. We had a great time and I am so grateful to her for taking the time to put this together. 

This weekend I had a boudoir shoot with Anthony and I wanted to share my perspective to those looking to have this kind of photography done and what to know before and during the boudoir shoot.

Why do you want to do a Boudoir Session?

I would assume most peoples answer would be similar to mine but I wanted to do boudoir to give my significant other photos to enjoy of me when I am away (or when he is away). When he has taken photos of me before, they rarely make me feel sexy and often show angles I don’t love. So doing a boudoir photo shoot seemed like the best way to know that what he is enjoying is the best of me. My best angles, the most alluring, and the sexiest positions.

How long did I think about doing Boudoir before committing?

I started to really look into photographers a few months ago but didn’t want to commit for a few reasons such as: I didn’t feel like I looked my best, my apartment/bedroom is really small, and I was uncomfortable shooting with a guy photographer. Let me address each of these things.

  1. I look my best when I am confident in my own skin. This was something I had to instill into my mind. Try this if you are feeling insecure: crank a sexy song in the bathroom and watch yourself dance in the mirror. Admire the way your body moves and your sensual facial expressions. I have done this at all different weights and I know I look sexy when I feel sexy.
  2. My bedroom is a 10x12ft room which Anthony said was “definitely bigger” than some of the rooms he has shot in before. You will notice from his portfolio that he does a good amount of close-ups, so the size or the room would not be a huge issue unless you want a bunch of wider shots that show more of the room.
  3. I hesitated at booking with Anthony because he’s a guy. Personally there has been less than a dozen people, that have seen me partially nude or nude. My body is something I reserve for intimacy. The idea that there would be a guy that would have these photos of me that I don’t have any intimate feelings towards, made me nervous.

So why did I choose Anthony?

First, Anthony’s style of photography captures sexiness and allure. It is mysterious and sensual which is what I wanted captured in a boudoir shoot. Other photographers that I looked at showed pretty-sexy shoots where the clients were well lit and put in pretty poses but Anthony puts his clients in desirable-sexy poses. His style makes the client exude sex in a lustful and beautiful way. I knew from the moment I saw his portfolio that his style was what I wanted.

Second, I saw that Anthony has a family, which made me much more comfortable. It made me feel like he isn’t doing this to meet women but because this is his passion.

Third, this is his job. And when talking with him after my shoot, he compares what he does to being a director that doesn’t want to watch his own movie afterwards. For Anthony, this is his profession and he is thinking about the lighting, position, expressions, and angles during the shoot.

Fourth, he truly stands by his image use form. Unlike other photographers I reached out to, Anthony would only share images that he had permission to use, or he offered to meet in person to go over his ‘private portfolio’. I really appreciated the respect he has for his clients, and his efforts to honor their wishes.

Finally, he really is judgement free. During my shoot I felt like my breasts weren’t perky enough and he said “oh, shush, you look great.” He said this is a super supportive way that reminded me of how sexy I am. My body is different than yours which is what makes it beautiful.  I also know that he shoots people that are willing to take shots that are way outside of MY comfort zone. He was completely respectful and never made me feel bad about my limits. If I wanted a booty shot, but to hide my nether region, it was 100% okay for me to cover this up with a sheet, my hands, or have him turn around while I got into position.

What to know before the day of the shoot?

Anthony prepares his clients with a list of where to buy lingerie and what to look for along with hair and makeup suggestions. Hair should be true to your style and if you wear makeup, consider a smoky eye. Anthony also provides a boundaries and consent form, don’t forget to fill this out before Anthony arrives. The form was helpful in making me feel more comfortable, and confident in direction the shoot would go in.

My suggestions for the day of the shoot?

One thing I found during my research is to not wear anything that day that would create lines on your body. You definitely wouldn’t want red marks from a tight bra or jeans to show up in your photos. On my day, I was braless with a zip-up sweatshirt (so I wouldn’t ruin my curly hair) and went commando while wearing some loose yoga pants in the morning.

Also, find a kickass music list to jam to while getting ready. These can be whatever you want but l liked finding sexy songs with a good beat.

I also put my lingerie options on a couch so it would be ready when he arrived. I am sure that if you need help choosing, he could help with this too.

What to expect once Anthony arrives?

Once Anthony arrived, I showed him my couch of outfit options and I changed into the first outfit in another room. Then he turned some music on in the background and showed me a starting pose that I could replicate. I think it is important to remember that this is YOUR shoot. If he suggests something you are not comfortable doing, say so and he will give you a different option. If you want to move your hands here or there, do that. He is there to help guide you but your natural movement is what will make the photos look best!

Have fun,