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Gresham Boudoir

Cleaning Up This Mess

Ok, so if you have been following my site for a while now you will notice that things around here look a lot different lately. Lots of content is gone, things look different; Let me assure you, it is all on purpose. I went through much of the last 2-3 years without changing the site much at all and honestly it was beginning to get weighed down.

There was a ton of information that was no longer relevant or was simply outdated; content that I no longer wanted to promote; things like that. So as part of my website refresh I decided to go back through and weed out all of the junk. All of the old stuff that I no longer wanted or needed on the site.

So, now that I have done that, I feel like I can start somewhat fresh on the site again. I am without constantly thinking about that backlog of junk that was holding me back.