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Boudoir Questions

Do I Have To Get Naked?

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly boudoir question and answer series. In the first post I covered come of my most asked questions, and today we are going to tackle some more that have to do with the session itself. Are you ready? Great! Me too, lets get into it…

Am I Required To Get Naked At My Session?

This is a very valid question, I post a lot of nudes and implied nudes (only with permission) so the fact that you are wondering about if you are required to get naked it totally normal. To put it simply for you, the answer is no, you do not have to get naked. My boudoir sessions are 100% about you and your comfort and if you are not comfortable going that route with our shoot, then we won’t go that route.

That said, probably a good 85-90% of my sessions end up in at least implied nudity. When we are shooting and it comes to the time where I think some nudes may be good, I will always ask, as a question “hey, would you like to try XYZ’ (as I demonstrate the pose) , so that you can let me know where you are at with your comfort level. If you are comfy with it, then we will move into that pose, if you are not, you can simply say no and we will do something else. No poking and prodding or rephrasing the question a million times. No is no, and that is the end of that. My sessions are a safe environment and your voice/opinions/decisions will be respected completely.

Can I Bring A Friend To My Shoot?

Another great question, and yes, you can bring a friend to your shoot. As I have said before, my boudoir sessions are all about you and your comfort, so if bringing a friend along helps you feel more comfortable, then you are more than welcome to bring one along. I do have a few caveats though, no boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses and only one friend please.

Also just be aware that your friends need to be respectful of the process and if they start to be a distraction they may be asked to leave. Which is awkward and no one wants, so just talk with whoever you bring (if you decided to bring someone) and let them know the ground rules.

Do You Provide Hair & Makeup Styling?

So this is something that I don’t offer in my standard pricing, but it is something that I can facilitate should you want the full treatment. I used to offer hair and makeup at my sessions but so many women asked if they could do it themselves or have a friend (or someone they have used before) do it that I decided it just made more sense to have the sessions be a little more affordable. I still have a great relationship with some fun hair and makeup stylists around though, so like I said, if you want the full treatment, that can definitely be arranged.

Do You Provide Wardrobe & Styling?

I do not provide wardrobe for you to wear unless it is discussed ahead of time. I do usually have some small items, like extra panties, tank tops, etc for emergencies or if something you brought breaks or doesn’t fit, but for the most part I don’t provide any outfits. That said, I do provide a lingerie guide ahead of the shoot that should help you with picking out a wardrobe that fits your style and showcases your body in the best light.

In terms of styling, I do help with that at your session. So when you arrive I will have you lay out your wardrobe items and we will go over them together. Then I will help you put together a few looks and from there we start shooting.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Q&A blog post. I hope that it has been interesting for those of you who have questions. Also, don’t forget, if you have any questions that I have not covered, please feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email!